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NFL Free Agency: The fun time when we get to see who knows how to build and improve a team through logical signings, trades, and moves to make their drafts more worthwhile. Also, the Raiders do stuff.

NBA Half Court Shots: First it was Dwight Howard (pregame), then Devin Harris (game-winner), and finally LeBron James (pregame) who hit ridiculous shots in the vicinity of half court. To every casual player, these may seem fairly impossible, but fear not, JJ Redickcompletely agrees.

Stephon Marbury: The guy known for consistently killing teams convinces a contender that he's no longer a team killer. Say what you will, it's an impressive start.

Digger Phelps: Jamie Moyer's favorite father-in-law got supremely and unexpectedly funky with a couple of Cal cheerleaders during a break in the Bears' game against UCLA. This confirms the theory that you never, EVER underestimate a man in his 60s who may or may not be altered on highlighter fumes.

Kyle Busch: He won NASCAR's Shelby 427 race in his hometown of Las Vegas, thus thwarting Matt Kenseth's attempt to win the first three races of the year. Somewhere, people who are able to put up with an oddly-goggled gopher graphic named Digger care. And yes, it's an unprecedented Double Digger week.

Jay Cutler: It sounds like Cutler wants to be taken seriously when he demands a trade. A quick memo: If you want to be taken seriously as a Pro Bowl quarterback trying to influence multi-million dollar personnel decisions, maybe don't have the same hairstyle as Zac Efron. Just throwing it out there.

Jim Calhoun: If you and your friends sit around on Saturday nights wondering whether or not Jim Calhoun makes more than $1.6 million dollars a year, I'm about to save you a lot of time -- he does. Seriously, just ask him. If you still don't believe me, read all about it on his new blog,

Duke: Are you a top recruit with great grades and an irrational need to take more than two steps with the ball? Have I got great news for you! Sure you might have to deal with hilarious Maryland fans, but really, what's a horribly unflattering series of blown-up face posters between friends?

Bryce Brown: The nation's top high school running back has taken his final official visit (to LSU), but it's still possible that he may take at least one more unofficial visit before making his decision just prior to the 2014 college football season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles: So let's figure this out, the LADoLA offer Manny $45 million, but not really, then Manny and Scott Boras counter with the actual $45 million contract, but the Dodgers are taken aback and want to start over. Well-played Blue Crew, if the whole Manny thing doesn't work out, you can always just raise beer prices again and call it a day.

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