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Jerseys Or Lingerie?

Pamela Diaz, Alena Seredova, Raica Oliveira :: AKP

A recent survey of European soccer fans has generated some interesting results. Out of the 1,904 men surveyed about what turns them on more, 34 percent would prefer to see the woman in their life in their favorite team's jersey or colors while only 23 percent would like to see the woman in their life wear sexy lingerie. I'd imagine the combination of soccer balls + sexy lingerie, as featured in the photo above, would be utopia for these guys. On a side note, the woman on the right is Raica Oliveira. She was in SI's 2007 Swimsuit Issue.

So This Explains It...

Redskins Vice President Vinny Cerrato seems to be good at doing one thing -- giving away ridiculous amounts of money. His inbox may offer some insight as to how he keeps getting away with it. (Thanks to Kevin, of Washington, for the link.)

The House That Jeter Built

I don't know if that's what anyone else is calling the new Yankee Stadium, but it works for me. Anyway, here are more than 150 photos of the new ballpark.

Helluva Prank

Prank War : Courtesy of

The unbelievably creative folks at are back with the latest edition of Prank War. These are the same guys who pulled off the fake marriage proposal at Yankee Stadium a while back. Anyway, they've somehow managed to top themselves yet again. (Thanks to Brady, of Hudson, Wisc., and Dana Gorman, of New York, for the link.)

Quiz Time

With Wrestlemania about a month away, Mental Floss is going to test your knowledge of the historical wrestling event with several quizzes. Here is Part I, which covers 1985-1989.

Random Links

Brett Favreis selling his truck on eBay ... It's always good when new pics come out of Stacy Keiblershowing off her legs ... Solid gallery of athlete-celebrity look-alikes ...

Two Bizarre Stories

A woman didn't like the fact that McDonald's ran out of chicken nuggets, so she did the only logical thing: call 9-1-1 -- three times! Meanwhile, some nut was arrested for putting his cat in his bong.

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Sports Video Of The Day

A very, very cool compilation of amazing feats. (Thanks to Greg, of Charlotte, N.C., for the link.)

LeBron James Video Of The Day

Poor Anderson Varejao. (Thanks to Kadva, of Toronto, for the link.)

Sleepwalking Dog Video Of The Day

Tons of you have sent this in over the past few days.

Recut Movie Trailer Of The Day

Many of you have requested The Shining.

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