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A Public Service Announcement

Danielle Lloyd :: Getty Images

I love all you guys who read Hot Clicks and I'm eternally grateful that you're all loyal followers. But I need to ask you to please READ your Clicks. This week, I've been inundated with e-mails about things I've already linked up. I got about 20 e-mails yesterday asking why I didn't mention Prank Wars 7. I linked to it on Wednesday. A bunch of you also sent me the video of LeBron letting one rip while on the bench. That was in Wednesday's Clicks, too. I've also gotten tons of e-mails asking why I haven't mentioned the Greg PaulusI Kissed a Boy video. It was the first thing I talked about on Monday. And I still get e-mails everyday about the Snuggie WTF video, and, which have all been linked up before. I've also gotten a lot of e-mails lately from readers asking why soccer WAG Danielle Lloyd has never been in Hot Clicks. Well, she was. But it has been a while, so here she is again -- and here's a gallery. And then, I need you to help me settle an office argument and vote on this poll:

A-Rod's Fill Ins

Sure, A-Rod is good for about 35-40 home runs and 120 RBIs, but I bet he can't do everything that his replacement, Cody Ransom, can do -- especially this. As for A-Rod's WBC replacement, well, that job goes to Fernando Tatis, which Rumors and Rants says is "like Megan Fox dropping out of Transformers 2 and being replaced by Mischa Barton." And that line gives me a chance to link up the Top 5 Megan Fox Television Roles.

Just Great Stuff

A History OfShaq's Greatest Emasculations.

Revisiting A Legendary Play

Christian Laettner :: Damian Strohmeyer/SI

I have no college basketball affiliation, but the Christian Laettner shot against Kentucky is probably in my top five all-time sports moments. (Of course, it helps that Verne Lundquistwas behind the mike for the call.) Anyway, Laettner and Rick Pitino are reliving the shot in this amusing commercial.

Career Advice

The folks at JoeSportsFan were nice enough to have me on their weekly podcast and you can hear us discuss baseball cards, Varsity Blues, the one championship game we'd like to attend and much more by checking this out. In addition to that, you should definitely check out the site's feature on what some of baseball's unemployed players can do if they can't latch onto another team. And here's a take on what some of the most famous athletes would be doing if they weren't playing ball.

E-Mail Of The Day

Sahib, of West Orange, N.J., says "Jimmy, I love the site. Entertaining AND informative. I log in everyday. I just heard about the US Pole Dancing Association Championship being held next weekend 3/15 in NYC. I figured it might be something you want to share with the masses. Can you do something to make this an Olympic sport? I figured since you brought the Snuggie to national prominence, you are the perfect person to begin the push to make pole dancing our new national pastime. I'm counting on you." Sahib, I appreciate you thinking I have this kind of power. If I did, I would just get rid of the Olympics altogether. But, the man you might want to hit up for help is Jim Edmonds.

Just A Friendly Reminder

Watch Friday Night Lights tonight at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. And as a pregame warmup, check out this solid interview with a cast member.

Bizarre Items Of The Day

Brennan, of Cincinnati, alerts to a Snuggie-like sleeping bag (and there's a commercial, too!) ... Eddie Jados, of Manistee, Mich., sends in a clip of what he calls "the ultimate throne. ... Lastly, do any of you have this sign at your jobs?

ShamWow & Snuggie

Chris Meyer, of Ada, Okla., sends us proof that the ShamWow is a scam. However, the ShamWow song, sent in by Chandler Stewart, Valdosta, Ga., is still worth checking out. Jason, of Carmel, Ind., sends us this very funny Snuggie rap. Sam, of San Marcos, Texas, let's us know there is now a Snuggie for kids. Lastly, the Heath Brothers, of Cincinnati, Ohio, (the original Snuggie Pubcrawlers on January 30) sent in this great pic and video.

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Sports Video Of The Day

How about a 70-yard goal to tie a state championship game? The team that scored (Newman) went on to win the game in four overtimes. (Thanks to Brian Biggs, of Charlotte, N.C., for the link)

Artie Lange Video Of The Day

Listen to the Howard Stern Show funnyman tell GREAT stories about Bob Uecker and Harry Caray.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Video Of The Day

News broke yesterday that the Seinfeld gang (Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards) will appear on several episodes of the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In honor of this great news, I wanted to feature a classic Curb clip, but all the good ones are too dirty (Beloved Aunt, Crazy-Eyez Killa, Anything with Leon), so here's a more toned-down version that all of us who hate house tours can related to. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Greatest. Song. Ever.

Matt Stephen, of Columbia, Md., sent this gem.

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