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Culture Tournament

Cheryl Cole :: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

The World Wide Web is about to be inundated with various kinds of brackets. Of course, brackets to determine the hottest woman of 2009 will be everywhere. However, when it comes to creativity, it'll be hard to top The Big Lead's culture tournament, which features Erin Andrews, the Ponzi Scheme, Thom Brennaman's love for Tim Tebow, Michael Phelps' bong hit, Lost and much, much more -- including No. 5 seed and soccer WAG, Cheryl Cole.

Please, God, Let This Be True

Friday Night Lightsmay be close to a renewal. I believe in jinxes, so I'm not going to go overboard with excitement -- yet. In the meantime, here's a solid Q&A withTaylor Kitsch, a.k.a. Riggins.

Tournament Tips

In preparation for next week, you might want to check out this list of the top 100 players in the nation. Or you may need suggestions on how to get out of work next Thursday and Friday. But whatever you do, check out this video titled No Sleep Til April.

Two Chris Farley E-Mails

Chris Farley :: Courtesy NBC

Off of last week'sChristian Laettner/Kentucky mention, Kevin Bailey, of Dallas, says "Hey, I found this video of Chris Farley acting as Christian Laettner. It happened to pop in my mind when I saw the little item you posted on 'Revisiting A Legendary Play.' Enjoy a classic comedian." And Jeff, of Grand Rapids, Mich., says "Does this interviewer (Ken, Big 10 Network Wrestling) remind you a lot of Chris Farley?" Good call. I can see some similarities.

Great Wrestling List

Axel Janson, of Cordova, Alaska, sends in the Top 20 Worst Masked Wrestling Gimmicks of All Time!

Random Links

An ode to the original WAG ... Photos of celebrities in their cheerleading days ... The five most famous Yankee injuries ... I could lie and act like I know something about the Netherlands winning some WBC game but I'll just cut to the chase and link to this post that features hot Dutch women.

New York Radio Talk

I apologize to those of you outside of New York, but there's no way I can pass on mentioning the rumors that are in all of the New York papers today. Max Kellerman left his ESPN Radio show earlier this week and reports say he may be joining WFAN's Mike Francesa. Now, I've never listened to Kellerman (who listens to ESPN Radio in New York?), so I have no opinion on him. But this is like watching one of your parents get remarried after a divorce. Part of me thinks Francesa shouldn't have a partner if it's not Chris Russo. But with Sirius recently getting saved from bankruptcy, it doesn't look like a reunion will ever happen. So, I'll try to give Kellerman a fair chance if the rumors are true, but I still say the partner should be Francesa's producer, Sal Licata, who's shown good chemistry with Francesa in the few chances he's gotten. More important than all this rambling, though, is Russo vs. Francesa inMike Tyson's Punchout 2009!

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Sports Video Of The Day

The sign of true friendship is letting your buddy shoot a hockey puck at you. (Thanks to Ryan, of Windsor, for the link.)

When You Just Have To Go Video Of The Day

Patrick Flynn, of Harrisburg, Pa., and Dave Wilson, of Portland, Ore., alert us to a new product that golfers may want to purchase -- if they're nuts.

The Uro Club - Watch more Funny Videos

Journey Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks has featured Separate Ways here before, but you gotta see these guys who remade the video shot by shot. Well done! (Thanks to Ryan Gautreau, of Gonzales, L.A., for the link.)

Recut Movie Trailer Of The Day.

Brent, of Lombard, Ill., sends in Office Space.

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