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Britney, Salma, Scarlett And More

Salma Hayek :: MJ Kim/Getty Images

Here's a very, very funny look at how the hottest female celebrities pick their Final Four teams.

Jolly Old England

Several readers have been e-mailing me since the weekend about getting Jennifer England in Hot Clicks. Brad, of Charlotte, N.C., says "Jennifer England needs to be shared with all of your readers, this girl is insane. Apparently she's in the new Fast and Furious movie, now I may have a reason to go." Tyler, of Dallas, says "Holy hotness, you have got to check out Jennifer England. Get her on the Hot Clicks page ASAP. Longtime reader, first-time writer. Jimbo, you rock." And Dave Drackman, of Phoenix, simply says, "Jimmy, here's a tip for you. Jennifer England. Google her. Google her now. You need to help this woman become a star." Well, thanks to the Big Lead for pointing out that England is dating Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Monty Beisel, I have an excuse to link to her gallery.

Calling All Techies

Before tomorrow, you might want to check out these Six iPhone Apps for the Ultimate March Madness Experience.

Bracket Of Bad

Hasselbeck, Blue Tooth, Dr. Phil, Cook, Razo, Octomom :: AP/Getty Images

The inbox is overflowing with all types of brackets that a variety of folks are running. There are brackets to determine the best classic rock song. Brackets to determine the best fantasy football player. And, of course, brackets to determine the hottest female celebrity. But for the most amusement, the best bracket challenge I've seen is The Tournament of Bad, held by The Boers and Bernstein Show on The Score (670 am) in Chicago. Basically, they've combined annoying/dumb/unfunny people (Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Dr. Phil, Dane Cook and the Ocotomom, for example) with things we hate (people who use bluetooth when not driving, cutting yourself shaving) and pitted them against each other. You may take exception with one or two entries (U2, Sarah Palin, if you're a Republican), but overall, it's pretty damn funny.

Say Cheese

A-Rod isn't the only athlete who recently participated in a photo shoot. Reggie Bush just struck some poses for GQ, but at least he was joined by Kim Kardashian. A bikini-wearing Kim Kardashian. Oh, and speaking of A-Rod, it seems the Details pictures have finally pushed fans over the edge, because FireARodImmediately.Blogspot.Com has just launched. (Thanks to Lax, of Los Angeles, for the link.)

Not-So Happy Valley

Penn State fans are not happy about missing the NCAA tournament. And they've even taken their cause to Craigslist with this amusing posting. (Thanks to Charlie, of Oceanside, Calif., for the links.)

Nintendo Nut

Meet the guy who owns pretty much every Nintendo game ever made.

Random Links

Choose your ownTerrell Owens adventure ... One soccer player, three missed shots ... Check out the lost treasures of the '80s.

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Sports Video Of The Day

A celebration gone bad. (Thanks to Matt Eburne, of Milton Keynes, UK, for the link)

Gus Johnson AND Bill Raftery Video Of The Day

We're still two days away from hearing these two (separately), but here's a clip of them working together. The entire thing is 5:32, but you only need to listen from 1:30 to 2:30. Actually, you MUST listen from 1:30 to 2:30. (Thanks to Ryan Cassidy, of Columbus, Ohio, the link.)

Dancing Video Of The Day

I'll go out on a limb and say alcohol was involved here.

Backyard Dancing Body Slam - Watch more Funny Videos

Ali G Video Of The Day

Several of you requested more Ali G videos. Here's another personal favorite.

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