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Hot Clicks: North Carolina cheerleaders, ballpark food


North Carolina cheerleaders :: Getty Images

This pretty much sums up last night's NCAA men's basketball title game. Fortunately, Manofest salvages something from the snoozefest by giving us 101 pictures of North Carolina cheerleaders.

Speaking Of Last Night's Game...

The unluckiest place in sports is the Detroit Lions locker room.

The Upside Of Being A Washington National

It's one of the Five Great Low-Pressure Jobs That Attract Women.

Tyler's Twin

Tyler Hansbrough, Jeremy Sumpter :: Getty Images/

Since Friday, Sam McCall, of Napa, Calif., Steve, of West Chester, Pa., Brad, of Chicago, Will Robinson, of Philadelphia, Scott Plocharczyk, of Alsip, Ill., Teraz, of Columbus, Ohio, Nate Berman, of Tampa, and Jeremy Ely, of Overland Park, Kan., have all e-mailed to ask why I haven't pointed out the resemblance between Tyler Hansbrough and J.D. McCoy (played by Jeremy Sumpter) of Friday Night Lights. Hot Clicks pointed this out a couple of months ago in this look-alikes gallery.

What Happened To A Pretzel And a Hot Dog?

Real Clear Sports is looking at the Top 10 Lavish MLB Ballpark Foods that you can enjoy this season.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Mike, of Champaign, Ill., sends along this interesting goal celebration.

Pool Jump Video Of The Day

Soon, the weather will get warm and people can film more funny stuff like this.

David Letterman Video Of The Day

This is an OLD-school clip featuring Larry "Bud" Melman as Pete Rose.

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