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Hot Clicks: Gia Allemand, Novak Djokoic viral video

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What The Hell Is Going On In Ottawa?

Gia Allemand:: Courtesy of

This Senators WAG thing is getting out of control. The fact that Carrie Underwood is dating center Mike Fisher and Hilary Duff is dating center Mike Comrie just seemed like a coincidence. But now, Craig Reid, of Toronto, alerts us that another Senator, defenseman Chris Campoli, is dating model Gia Allemand. That name may seem familiar to you, because she has been linked to Carl Pavano. If you need even more of a refresher, this should do the trick.

Speaking Of The NHL ...

The playoffs begin tonight. And whether you watch the sport or not, you should take a chance in this contest. Guess the Stanley Cup winner correctly and you could win $50.

Real Cool

Apparently, blogger (and Pro Bowl tight end) Chris Cooley has an online reality show coming out. Based on the trailer, it will be a must-watch. Oh, and Cooley isn't the only athlete trying his hand at a reality show. Michael Vickis shopping one, too.

Very Good Viral

Novak Djokovic

The world's third-ranked men's tennis player, Novak Djokovic, goes ALL out in this funny video, which features nipple tassels, an old lady putting oil on Djokovic, balloon puppets and a smokin' hot fan.

Remember The Name Patrick Schuster

People seem impressed that A.J. Burnett threw six innings of no-hit ball last night. Well, he's got nothing on Florida high school pitcher Patrick Schuster, who has thrown three straight no-hitters for the Mitchell Mustangs.

Remembering Harry

Sports Radio Interviews has put together a thorough compilation of several Harry Kalas tributes from the past couple of days.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Another insane soccer goal. This one was scored by Luis Angel Landin of Cruz Azul in the Mexican league last weekend. (Thanks to Genaro, of Tijuana, for the link.)

Real Or Fake Video Of The Day

Jason, of Prosper, Texas, sent this in and he says it's real.

Ice, Ice, Baby Video Of The Day

After seeing some Phoenix Suns singing the classic Vanilla Ice tune in Hot Clicks a couple of days ago, Tony Bianco, of Dayton, Ohio, requested this classic Jim Carrey skit from In Living Color.

Nintendo Video Of The Day

Check out this old clip of a piece on the just-released Nintendo. The anchor who introduces the clip? Bill O'Reilly. (Thanks to Lawdog, of Orlando, Fla., for the link.)

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