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Hot Clicks: Cheerleader showdown, remembering John Madden

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The Real NBA Playoffs

Alison Preston :: John Peden/SI

The NBA playoffs begin Saturday. But today marks the start of the NBA dance team showdown. And for more of this lovely Celtics dancer, click here.

I Can't Believe The Video Game Guy Retired

I know he's 73 years old, but I'm still shocked John Madden retired. I always thought he'd work until he couldn't work anymore. Whether you're a fan or not, it's sad he's leaving because he's another one of those figures you grew up listening to and was so much a part of your first memories as a sports fan. Anyway, let's remember the big guy. Here are the top five Madden commercials (I had no idea he did a McDonald's spot). And here are his funniest quotes. The video game willlive on. And here is Madden's most memorable use of the telestrator.

How Do You Even Begin To Choose?

What do Barkevious Mingo, Nutritious Love, Velvet Milkman and Iris Macadangdang have in common? They're battling for the Sports Name of the Year.

Opening Thoughts

Yankee Stadium concessions :: Jimmy Traina

There were two main thoughts I had while attending the new Yankee Stadium opener Thursday (thanks to my screenwriter friendRob and his free tickets). First, "I can't believe how much this looks like the old Stadium." Second, "Holy S---, everything is even more expensive that I thought it would be." For more observations and thoughts from the Yankees home opener -- and a must-see picture of the Jersey of the Day -- click here.

Speaking Of Stadiums...

Elizabeth Wrigley-Fieldhas never been to Wrigley Field. And the Mets new stadium doesn't have hot water.

Lots Of Look-Alikes

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Whether you're a hockey fan or not, you must check out this NHL Playoffs Separated at Birth photo gallery.

Random Links

Is Tiger Woods' wife Elinthe hottest mom on earth? ... Here are The 10 Stupidest Moments in The Price is Right History ... You can win $1,000 if you can eat an EIGHT-pound hamburger.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Granted, I'm not objective because I'm sort of a Derek Jeter stalker, but this might be my all-time favorite commercial. Jeter, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer reenact Saturday Night Fever.

Billy Mays Video Of The Day

This is simply one of the best videos ever made. Billy Mays orders at McDonald's. (Thanks to Perry Knotts, of St. Augustine, Fla., for the link.)

Bad Spelling Video Of The Day

Check out happened when Minnesota's top high school basketball player, Tayler Hill, announced where she was going to college.

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