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Hot Clicks: Megan Fox, NFL draft talk

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Megan Fox :: Venturelli/Getty Images

With the NFL draft just a few days away, fans, teams, scouts and pundits all want to peg the player who has "it." What is it? Nobody really knows. But Sako's Second tries to figure out which athletes and celebrities (including Megan Fox) have it, don't have it, have had it, lost it, will have it and will never have it.

Speaking Of The NFL Draft ...

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know my feelings on this draft. I think this video, in which potential No. 1 pick Matt Stafford tries to throw a football at plates Jimmy Fallon is tossing into the air, will be more entertaining than anything that takes place Saturday.

Speaking Of Twitter ...

If you want to follow athletes on Twitter without actually joining Twitter, you're in luck thanks to this site. On a side note, I'll be attending a Derek Jeter event at Yankee Stadium late this afternoon/early tonight. I will see if Jeter is up for Twittering for a few minutes via my account. I'm sure there's zero chance of this happening, but stay tuned.

Beer Pong Bonanza

Doug Goodstein, Becky, Mike Gange :: Chris Gagliardi Howard TV On Demand/

Howard Stern fans will recognize longtime producers Doug Goodstein (left) and Mike Gange in the above photo. They are joined by Rick's Cabaret dancer Becky. She and some co-workers joined several members of the Stern crew for a three-part strip beer pong series that begins airing tomorrow on Howard TV. (Check out the Hot Clicks Facebook group page for a video preview.) And if you still need proof beer pong is huge, check outDon Shula in action.

Speaking Of Stern ...

You MUST, MUST, MUST listen to this. (Thank you, Jamie Mottram).

PETA's Gonna Be Pissed

Usually, it's a drunk fan running on the field and eluding security. But at last night's Cubs game, it was a cat, and the grounds crew had some trouble capturing the feline.

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Infomercial Mania

I've been trying to tone down all the Snuggie talk lately (even though the Pub Crawls from Chicago to New York are still going strong), but if you are still fascinated by the blanket -- or if you just love Billy Mays and the ShamWow -- I recommend you check out As Seen On TV at 9 p.m. ET tonight on CNBC. It's a documentary about the $150 billion infomercial industry.

Empty Seats = Meaningless Conversation Topic

Let me just get this out of the way quickly. There is lots and lots of talk about all of the empty seats at the new Yankee Stadium. As a Yankee fan, I just have one thing to say -- I don't care if they get six people total in the building. Just win. The number of people in the ballpark is completely irrelevant to me.

Sports Video Of The Day

Watch the catch made by University of Rhode Island's Kenny Burns -- and listen to the call.

Mean Co-Worker Video Of The Day

Vic Lombardi is the sports anchor at CBS4 in Denver. Check out what happened the other night when he tried to show how a regular-season NBA foul is different from a playoff foul.

Pool Video Of The Day

This guy doesn't fit the description of the stereotypical pool shark.

Song Of The Day

David, of New York City, says, "I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Die-hard Cavs, Tribe and Browns fan. But the town is pathetic. I love it 'cause it's home. But this video = brilliant." Let me state this very clearly: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST CLEVELAND. I'm only posting this because the lyrics are genius and a bunch of us in the office couldn't stop singing the song yesterday. It gets an "A" for creativity. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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