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Hot Clicks: Kelly Brook, Jennifer Ellison, Tyson documentary

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Turning 2

Kelly Brook, Linda Vojtova, Jennifer Ellison, Vanessa Marcil, Sarah Mutch, Jarah Mariano :: Courtesy of Images/SI

It was two years ago today that featured the very first edition of Hot Clicks. It's been a fun ride thanks to all of you who read it, provide the material and write in -- especially those of you who write in. I thank you all for making my job fun -- and for helping me fool people into thinking I should be a guest speaker at a big event. As a reward, I've gone through the most recent e-mail that has specific requests for women who haven't been featured in Hot Clicks to give them their time in the sun. So, here's the lineup, from top left to bottom right. Model/actress/WAG Kelly Brook, requested by Jason Drill, of Fair Lawn, N.J. Model Linda Vojtova, requested by Joe Aguilar, of Audubon, N.J. Actress and soccer WAG Jennifer Ellison, requested by Richard Stanislaus, of Chicago. Actress Vanessa Marcil, requested by Shawn Pinsent, of Toronto. Model Sarah Mutch, submitted by Jonathan, of Grand Cayman. And last, but not least, SI Swimsuit model Jarah Mariano, requested by Steve Fort, of Dallas.

Today's NFL Draft Quiz

Test your knowledge of Pro Bowl players who were drafted in the sixth round or later.

Photo Of The Day

Actually, there are two photos, both of St. Louis Cardinals fans. They went with some interesting names on the back of their jerseys.

Mike's Movie

Mike Tyson :: Gabriel Bouys/Getty Images

Here's a glowing review of Tyson, a documentary about the controversial boxer, opening this weekend. For a taste of what you'll get, check out 10 crazy Tyson moments. (There's a better one on YouTube, but I can't link to it because of the language. Just search "funniest Mike Tyson moments.") And if you want to remember Tyson's boxing career, here are his 11 Most Painfully Awesome Punch Outs.

Animal Adventures

First we had the frisky cat from Tuesday's Cubs game and now we have a Hawk that was on the loose during last night's -- wait for it, wait for it -- Hawks game.

Random Links

Director Kevin Smith was blogging the playoffs for But no more. It seems Smith's language was too salty for the league. ... Thin-skinned TCU has banned a STUDENT reporter from using camera equipment because he offered a legitimate criticism of the team's starting QB. ... Check out the homes of the rich and famous, including Michael Jordan.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Kurt Warner did this dance on Ellen DeGeneres' show a few months ago. He did it again last weekend with teammate Larry Fitzgerald at a charity basketball game.

Guitar Solos Video Of The Day

The 10 Worst Guitar Solos Of All Time.

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Mishap Video Of The Day

I swear, this isn't being posted because she's wearing a bikini. It's being posted because of the payoff at the end.

Dancing Lingerie Babe Falls Hard - Watch more Funny Videos

Classic Video Of The Day

Since this is Hot Clicks' second birthday, I figured it would be a good time to feature my all-time favorite video that I've used here.

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