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Hot Clicks: Hope Dworaczyk, Celtics-Bulls is a classic

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Best First-Round Series Ever?

Hope Dworaczyk :: Katy Winn/Getty Images

It's always dangerous to use the phrase "best ever." For instance, it would be irresponsible for me to say (where you can see Jason Kidd's girlfriend, Hope Dworaczyk) is the best site on the 'net. It's always safe to say "one of the best." So, I won't say Bulls-Celtics is the best first-round series ever, but after the first five games, it's tempting. If this series gets to a Game 7 and the next two games are as close as the previous contests, though, we'll definitely be able to lose "one of." (Thanks to Brandon Hamilton, of Canon City, Colo., for the Wag Rankings link.)

This Wouldn't End Well

Fatpickled has put together a dream roster of athletes for the ultimate guys' night out.

A Perfect Fit

In one of the most obvious casting decisions ever, HBO has tapped the Cincinnati Bengals to be featured in this season's Hard Knocks. When I saw the news, all I could think about was this song playing throughout each episode.

Odd Couples

Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez :: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

No, no, this isn't about Marco Jaric and Adriana Lima. This is a look at most memorable relationships featuring teammates, players, coaches and owners in sports history.

The Surest Bet Of 2009

Brett Favre will be the Vikings quarterback. After being released by the Jets yesterday, this is what the media darling said: "At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football." At this time = Favre will be throwing interceptions come Week 1.

Tons Of Twitter News

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SI Recommends

First off, you should check out Arash Markazi's Twitter page for details behind Rick Fox's bizarre behavior during the Lakers' pregame and postgame shows Monday night. Moving on, Giants closer Brian Wilson had to delete his Twitter account after a writer created the most absurd controversy ever. Make that, one of the most absurd controversies ever. Meanwhile, another writer thinksBarry Zito can return to his old form on the mound because of Twitter. That's a stretch, but I will say this: You're missing out if you don't follow Zito. What other athlete would have the guts to write, "Cozied up with my twitter and Wynton Marsalis playing Caravan. Life is peaceful..." as Zito did early this morning? And after you start following Zito, you can follow me.

E-Mail Of The Day

Jameson P., of Boston, says, "After you linked to the Nuggets' cheerleaders, I clicked on cheerleader Krista, who would like to share something with her fans that people don't already know about her: She speaks fluent Canadian!"

More Links

New links and photos have just been added to the Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

The Kanye West/AmazingNBA playoffs promo is nothing compared to this.


Music Video Of The Day

If you like Judd Apatow movies, you will enjoy this.

Watch In An Apatow World on CollegeHumor

Superhero Video Of The Day

Um, apparently there are real-life superheroes patrolling the streets of Cincinnati. (Thanks to Dylan, of Cincinnati, and Dave, of Ames, Iowa, for the link.)

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