Hot Clicks: Kelly Kelly, WWE-Denver Nuggets feud heats up

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You've probably heard by now that there is a major conflict brewing over next Monday's NBA playoff game between the Lakers and Nuggets. WWE had booked the Pepsi Center last August for a live taping of Monday Night Raw. But now Denver is scheduled to play host to L.A. in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals. And to no one's surprise, Vince McMahon is not backing down. In fact, he thinks Nuggets owner Stan Kroenkeshould be arrested. Memo to Stan Kroenke: Don't mess with Vinny Mac. And don't deny the folks in Denver the chance to see WWE Diva Kelly Kelly up close.

Speaking Of NBA Fights ...

With McMahon vs. Kroenke heating up, Blaze of Love is looking at eight of the most memorable NBA feuds.

We're Not Saying They're Hypocrites, But ...

Jon Gruden is taking over for Tony Kornheiser in the Monday Night Football booth. This just makes Gruden the latest person to bash ESPN and then turn around and work for it. But that's not as bad as the unlistenable Steve Phillips, who bashed sports talk radio during Sunday's Mets-Giants game. You see, Phillips participates in a daily segment on ... wait for it ... wait for it ... sports talk radio. Speaking of the Sunday-night ESPN game, if anyone has audio or video of Mike Francesa absolutely bludgeoning Joe Morgan at the top of his show on WFAN/YES yesterday, please send it to me.

T.O. Causes Pandemonium

I happen to be one of the few people who likes Terrell Owens. I know he's not a good teammate, but he's fun to watch and I give bonus points to any athlete who pisses off the media as much as he does. Having said that, his reception upon arriving in Buffalo yesterday was pretty absurd.

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Bizarre Stories Roundup

A poker company has offeredMichael Vick $250,000 to be a professional poker player. ... Guy who lost $14.7 million gambling in Vegas claims the casinos provided him with a steady flow of alcohol and -- in the case of Caesars Palace -- prescription painkillers. ... This one isn't a story. It's just a simple -- yet funny -- video sent in by Brian, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Random Links

Mark Sanchez hasn't even played a down in the NFL yet, but he's already becoming good fodder for the New York tabloids. ... The Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders recently held some event and lots of pictures were taken. ... The Marlins recently held pom-poms night. Things didn't go well, which leads to this list of the worst ballpark promotions in baseball history.

Pure Genius and are great, but mainly because of shock value. Simplicity and subtly, though, make even more amusing and laugh-out-loud funny. (Thanks to Tyler Stafford, of Bloomington, Ill., for the link.)

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Sports Video Of The Day

You must check out LeBron James' latest trick shot.

Saved By The Bell Tribute Video Of The Day

If there is only one thing you watch in Hot Clicks today, this should be it.

Beatbox Video Of The Day

Simply amazing. (Thanks to Dan, of Ottawa, for the link.)

Bad Commercial Of The Day

Brent, of Manhattan, Kan., says, "On the topic of bad commercials, I have to show you one of the worst that I've seen here in Manhattan. It almost looks like the beginning of a bad porno."

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