Hot Clicks: Minka Kelly, Derek Jeter not engaged; Magic new song

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Sometimes You Just Need A Little Minka

Minka Kelly :: Rob Loud/Getty Images

There have been more and more requests lately for some Minka Kelly in Hot Clicks. I found the e-mails a bit strange because I feel like I mention Minka quite often. However, after doing some research, I found that the Friday Night Lights star hasn't gotten top billing here since Jan. 16. That's a disgraceful job on my part, and if I'm being honest, a fireable offense. So let me fix this by giving you guys some Minka, who, according to today's New York Daily News, should not be expecting an engagement ring from Derek Jeter anytime soon.

Goin' To The Ship

On Tuesday, the Orlando Sentinel posted a guide for fans jumping on the Magic bandwagon. And the paper must really think those people are dumb, because the first topic covered is: "Why are the Magic playing the Los Angeles Lakers?" Well, Hot Clicks is here to give a treat to the bandwagon jumpers and the die-hards -- the new Orlando Magic theme song. (Thanks to David, of Orlando, for the link.)

More NBA Finals Links

Here's your NBA Finals drinking game. ... Here are the bestStan Van Gundy unplugged moments from the playoffs. ... Here's a funny story about Orlando's Mickael Pietrus, who's trading in hisKobe Bryant sneakers for Michael Jordan sneakers during the Finals.

E-Mail Of The Day

Chris, of Silver Spring, Md., says, "Longtime clicker, first-time e-mailer. The Nats are having a terrible season, as chronicled (in part) here and here. But I was at what should have been Randy Johnson's 300th win last night (which was rained out; Nationals can't even get losing right) and saw this monstrosity. A statue honoring former Senator Walter Johnson. A good enough idea, right? I was horrified by it. It was ghastly. Some three-armed, scaly, mutant version of the Big Train. It appears that underworld demons are rising up to devour Johnson's right leg and his three-appendage arm is covered by demon scales. I think that they were going for 'movement' but it just came out looking like something from the mind of Dante Alighieri cased in bronze. You fail again, Nats."

Walter Johnson:: Courtesy of Chris

A+ For Creativity

Hot Clicks always has fun with bizarre tattoos, so it was exciting to see something a little different when it came to honoring your favorite team with some ink.

Nice To See Greatest American Hero Get Credit

Food Court Lunch has come up with a solid list of the top TV theme songs of all time.

Twitter And Facebook

You already know that if you're not on Twitter, you're missing out on Shaq's comedy stylings. You're also missing out on getting pics of his new haircut. Anyway, for less amusing antics, you can follow me on Twitter and join the Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

A soccer celebration last week went very wrong. (Thanks to Ricardo, of Porto, Portugal, for the link.)

Cereal Eating Video Of The Day

For those of you who think it's nothing but maids, butlers and servants if you're a pro athlete, think again. Check out Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett enjoying a bowl of cereal. Actually, make that a pot of cereal. (Thanks to's Dan Rubenstein -- also of Solid Verbal fame -- for the tip.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Dave, of Detroit, Kyle, of Atlanta, Josh Kirkland, of Philo, Ill., and Blake Stevens, of Eugene, Ore., all wanted to see this QVC mishap.

Bad Commercial Of The Day

I was going to retire the "Bad Commercial of the Day" for a while, but then Nick Esser, of Dallas, sent this e-mail and I couldn't turn him down. "Started reading Hot Links a couple weeks ago and fell in love. It's like someone asked, 'Which do you like more: hot, sexy pics or ridiculous Internet videos?' and you said, 'Why don't you put those hands together!' Well, you seem to find the former pretty well without my help, but here's one of the latter that I just had to share. And if you look up the info at the end, it's actually for real. Thanks for the daily distractions!" Sure, Nick called the column Hot Links, but I'll take a compliment any way I can get it.

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