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Hot Clicks: Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo's Facebook page


A Least He Doesn't Do Those Top Five Surveys

Jessica Simpson :: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images, a Washington Redskins fan site, is having some fun at Tony Romo's expense via the quarterback's "hacked" Facebook page. Don't feel too badly for Romo, though. At least he has Jessica Simpson to cheer him up.

The Only Thing Missing Is The A------ Chant

One thing every sports fan wants to experience is the euphoria of dunking on someone. But when you're a local news anchor and you try to satisfy this urge by dunking on a 5-year-old, taunting him and then making him cry, it's really not good. It's even worse when you say "kids these days are soft" while the kid is crying.

Stick To Your Day Jobs

With athletes flocking to reality shows more and more these days, Bleacher Report looks at the 10 most ridiculous athlete reality TV appearances.

Photo Of The Day

Given the result of the game, one of these guys got a good deal last night.

Orlando Magic fans :: AP

Serious Ups

Check out Redskins rookie wide receiver Keith Eloi jumping into the back of a truck, with no running start. (Thanks to Nik, of San Luis Obispo, Calif., for the link.)

Girls, Girls, Girls

Leo's out and Bar Refaeli is single again. ... Torrie Wilson is doing OK in the jungle. ... Jessica Alba was almost arrested for vandalism.

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E-Mail Of The Day

John Zygmunt, of Phoenixville, Pa., says, "I love reading Hot Clicks, but sometimes I think you overestimate your reach (like taking credit for Snuggies blowing up). But if you can help make this happen, then I will start to believe. Tell everyone to vote for Kobe as a Knick [on the cover of an upcoming video game] to piss off Lakers fans." I'd like to accept your challenge, John, but I can't ask Hot Clicks nation to sit through the annoying ad with Spike Lee that comes on before you're given a chance to vote.

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Sports Video Of The Day

The Yankees/Alex Rodriguez haters will LOVE this.

Conan O'Brien Video Of The Day

This is awesome. Conan got in disguise and conducted a focus group, made up of older people, about his show. As an added bonus, there is an outstanding Salma Hayek appearance about halfway through. If you enjoy the clip, you can watch Part 2 here. (Thanks to Nick, of Plymouth, Minn., for the link.)

Live TV Screw-Up Of The Day's Stewart Mandel alerted me to this funny game of hot potato that some clueless anchors recently played.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Wedding Invitation Video Of The Day

Yes, the video below is a wedding invitation, and it's the most creative one you'll ever see. (Thanks to Austin, of Abilene, Texas, for the link.)

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