Hot Clicks: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Joe Buck derailed by Artie Lange

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Ya Know, He IS From The Howard Stern Show

Emmanuelle Chriqui :: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Joe Buck's new show is the hottest thing on HBO since Emmanuelle Chriqui. OK, that's an awful and embarrassing joke, but at least it gave me a chance to mention (and link to photos of) Entourage's Sloan. Now, let's talk about Buck's show. It's only "hot" because Artie Lange, from The Howard Stern Show, hijacked Buck's debut episode with an appearance that turned into train-wreck TV. Lange delivered vulgar one-liner after vulgar one-liner and took shots at Buck throughout the segments. Whether you thought the jokes were funny is up to you. But here's what is crystal clear: Buck should send Lange a fruit basket this morning. Because without Artie's off-the-wall appearance, all people would be talking about is how boring and unwatchable the show was until that point.

They Couldn't Talk The Talk

Joey Buss, the son of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, didn't exactly give a smooth speech after he accepted the NBA trophy from David Stern on Sunday night. That triggered to look at the five most bizarre sports acceptance speeches.

More Cooley Coolness

Here's more proof Hot Clicks favorite Chris Cooley is one of the most fun athletes in sports. Yesterday, Mister Irrelevant posted a video of Cooley throwing a football at a kids camp, and pointed out that Cooley didn't exactly look like Tom Brady. So now, Cooley and his brother, Tanner, will battle the brothers behind Mister Irrelevant (Jamie and Chris) in a throwing competition. And they're asking for your help with the rules.

We Can't Escape Glowing Rectangles

I have no doubt most of you can relate to this in-depth report about how we all spend most of our waking hours. And yes, that is my desk at

Jimmy Traina's desk

Quiz Time

How well do you know your U.S. Open golf?

Cleveland Comes Through

The Cleveland Indians can't do much right on the field, but off the field they are excelling at giving away great bobbleheads. It's hard to determine which is better: The Shin-Soo Chobobblehead, which looks like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, or the Ricky Vaughan bobblehead.

Undie Run Videos On Facebook

Check out the Hot Clicks Facebook group for video of the UCLA and Washington undie runs. And follow me on Twitter for more links throughout the day.

Sports Video Of The Day

A couple of Lakers fans weren't happy that I posted a video of a Celtics fan hitting Kobe Bryant's picture with a baseball bat the day after L.A. won a title. Here's my olive branch. A remake of I Love College, titled I Love the Lakers. (Thanks to Rrafe Schley, of Hancock, Minn., for the link.)

Bad Commercial Of The Day

I'm not gonna start featuring these every day again, but this one was too good to pass up thanks to the last line. (Thanks to Adam Stokes, of Baltimore, for the link.)

Megan Fox Video Of The Day

I got tons of e-mails about Megan Fox's appearance in Hot Clicks yesterday. Most of them said "more, more, more." Well, Mike Brown, of Buffalo, N.Y., has come through with this.

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