Hot Clicks: Erin Andrews recovers nicely, biggest football hits

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Thanks To Whoever Designed This Dress

Well, well, well, look who it is. Based on this photo from an ESPY event last night, everyone's favorite sideline reporter seems to have recovered nicely from that foul ball that hit her on the chin. And before you even e-mail me for more photos, that was the only one available on our wire service. But you can get more Erin Andrewsin this clip in which she talks about the injury she suffered last week. (Thanks to Andy York, of St Paul, Minn., for the link.)

Erin Andrews :: John Shearer/Getty Images

The Anti-LeBron

While LeBron James is making sure tapes that make him look bad are being confiscated, another athlete shows you how to handle that kind of situation. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers recently lost a skills competition -- to a high school kid. And guess what? THERE'S VIDEO!

Another Rough Break-Up

You may think Tony Romo breaking up with Jessica Simpson the day before her birthday was insensitive, but at least he didn't pull a Richard Jefferson, who basically didn't show up to his own wedding last weekend.

This Would've Been Better Yesterday

Beyonce :: Cliff Watts/SI

For those of you not on Twitter, new Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva has been battling Raptors star Chris Bosh to see which player could get to 50,000 followers first. I spoke to Villanueva late yesterday about the competition, but, lo and behold, Bosh hit 50,000 early this morning to win the bet. However, the Q&A with Villanueva is still worth reading because he talks about whether he'll tweet at halftime again, his desire to see the confiscated LeBron tape and his three favorite female celebrities, a list that includes Beyonce.

Harry Potter

There are some odd-looking individuals in Harry Potter movies. Luckily for us, each of those characters has a sports look-alike.

This Will Spice Up A Boring Work Day

Since we're in the middle of the three slowest days in sports, here's a constructive link that can help you kill some time -- it features a collection of harmless computer pranks to piss off your friends.

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Sports Video Of The Day

It's the middle of July and we're all waiting for football. So how about the biggest football hits of all time to hold us over for now?

Commercial Of The Day

Matt, of Hamilton, Ohio, says, "Jimmy, just moved back to the States after a few years in Europe. Thanks for keeping me sane while gone. So I was watching the Albert Pujols lovefest last night and on came this awesome commercial for Taco Bell. Pure genius."

Another Taco Bell Video Of The Day

The Taco Bell ad above is good, but it's not as good as The Onion's take on the fast-food giant.

Taco Bell's New Green Menu Takes No Ingredients From Nature

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