Hot Clicks: Mark Buehrle wrap-up, Marisa Miller tops list

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In Case You Missed It ...

Obviously, the highlight of yesterday was Mark Buehrle's perfect game, the 18th in major league history. Here'sDewayne Wise's unbelievable catch to save perfection. Here's the last out in which Ken "Hawk" Harrelson pulls a Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally. And here'sPresident Obama calling to congratulate Buehrle. Besides all the Buehrle stuff, there's one more video you need to see in case you missed it -- these creative wedding entrances featured in yesterday's Hot Clicks. The amount of positive e-mails I received about the video was overwhelming, so there it is again. And if you've already seen all these videos and you need something new, check out Maxim's 12 hottest cover-shoot videos, in which Marisa Miller comes in at No. 1. However, Miller did not make's bikini bracket final four.

Marisa Miller :: SI

"This Is Bullshaq"

A Colorado writer is not happy about Shaquille O'Neal's upcoming reality show. He claims the Diesel stole the idea from him. What's even better, he's penned this amusing column, which features some great play on words using Shaq's name.


Phil Mickelson has put in a bid to buy 105 Waffle Houses. This has inspired Bleacher Report to come up with 20 other athletes and the restaurants they should purchase.

"How The Heck Did You Get In Here Anyway?"


I had the honor of appearing on Joe Sports Fan's podcast this week, during which one of the questions was, "Name your favorite athlete appearance and/or reference on Seinfeld. When I was thinking about my answer, I was amazed at how many sports things surfaced on Seinfeld through the years. Luckily for us, Joe Sports Fan did some research and came up with all of those instances.

Who Knew There Was So Much Football?

With J.P. Losman headed to the UFL, and Michael Vick possibly going there, too, Mental Floss breaks down seven secondary football leagues.

Inside The Minds Of Men recently conducted The Great Male Survey, and the interesting results are in.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Shouldn't this be how every national anthem is played before a baseball game? (Thanks to Nathan Aring, of Toledo, Ohio, for the link.)

Wedding Video Of The Day

We started with a wedding-entrance video. Hot Clicks now brings you a best-man toast parody. (Thanks to Jeff B., of Dallas, for the link.)

Odd Music Video Of The Day

Andrew, of Ann Arbor, Mich., says, "Hey, Jimmy, I don't think it gets worse than Rod Stewart and his bleached mullet singing between two props from A Christmas Story. He even dances on the hood of an old pick-up while it's moving ... in front of the driver! The duck walking on train tracks + singing to a stray dog + group of despondent locals = music video gold."

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