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The Poor Mutts

I don't want to pick on the struggling Mets. I actually felt badly for them last night when the Cardinals scored the go-ahead run of a 7-7 game in the 10th inning on a hit by pitch. (Following that embarrassment, Albert Pujols hit his fifth grand slam of the season. He's now a mind-boggling 7-for-9 with 24 RBIs with the bases loaded this year.) But Hot Clicks needs to point out the latest lowpoint in a season of lowpoints for the Metropolitans. Second baseman Luis Castillo sprained his ankle after hitting in the seventh inning. How did he do it? He fell down the dugout steps while trying to avoid stepping on a glove. Now, accidents obviously happen. But the only way falling down the steps is acceptable is if you can only look straight ahead and you're wearing the outfit and shoes sported by Miranda Kerr in these photos and these photos.

Miranda Kerr :: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Who Knew He's Been In That Many Flicks?

With Funny People in theatres -- I saw it. Wait for it to come out on DVD or HBO -- The Sports Stew is comparing baseball teams with a legit shot at making a World Series run to Adam Sandler movies.

More Twitter Madness

Usually it's athletes making news on Twitter, but last night it was ESPN. The network instituted new tweeting guidelines for its staff, and there are a lot of them. The ironic thing is the story was broken by one of its writers on Twitter. The official statement from ESPN is as follows: "We have been active in the social media space for a while. As our mission is to serve sports fans, we will continue to be active. We are now merely getting smarter about it by providing guidelines to commentators and reporters." I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that SI does not institute such a policy. It would be a shame if the public wasn't allowed to read gems like this.

The Decade That Keeps Giving

Eddie Murphy

The Angels held '80s Retro Night last week. The club's broadcasters got into the action and sported some interesting clothes during the pregame show, with Jose Mota wearing Eddie Murphy's outfit from the greatest stand-up comedy show of all time, Delirious. Now, I can't link to many Delirious clips because of the raunch factor, but here's the bit where Eddie talks about James Brown. There's still some strong language, but it's not too bad. The bottom line is this: Just go to YouTube, type in Delirious and watch every clip. (Thanks to Mike for the link.)

Major Fun In The Minors

Hot Clicks told you yesterday about a minor league team having Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) on hand for its "Back To School Night" promotion. This prompted Real Clear Sports to look at the top 10 minor league promotions this season.

A Fitting Tribute

Jeremy Roenick is expected to announce his retirement tomorrow. This Is A Stupid Sports Blog pays homage to Roenick for his greatest contribution to the sports world -- and it's not his NHL career.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Check out what happens when a fan goes to Jimmy Rollins' and Ryan Howard's fantasy baseball camp in this amusing Funny or Die video. (Thanks to Mike Paolucci, of Drexel Hill, Pa., for the link.)

Baseball Fantasy Camp with Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins - watch more funny videos

Music Video Of The Day

OK, the I Love College spoofs are tired and played out, but I gotta give it up to this video that's all about sports jerseys. I mean, the guy even owns a Tim Couch jersey! (Thanks to Derek Gonwa, of Chandler, Ariz., for the link.)

Teacher Video Of The Day

This is one way to deal with a student who isn't behaving.

Professor Nails Class Clown - Watch more Funny Videos

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