Hot Clicks: Minka Kelly, Yankees-Red Sox renew rivalry

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Rivalry Renewed

The Red Sox and Yankees kick off a crucial four-game series tonight, and I'm hoping for three things. 1) That the Yankees can avoid getting swept by Boston for the fourth time this season; 2) That A-Rod gets his shipment, but Big Papi doesn't get his (kidding, kidding ... everyone's clean!); 3) That the magnitude of the series brings Derek Jeter's supposed girlfriend, Minka Kelly, to the ballpark. We know Minka supports the Yankees, but we haven't seen her at the Stadium since the YES cameras caught her in a luxury suite with Jeter's folks on July 4. Speaking of Minka, Friday Night Lights won't be back on NBC until next summer. It will air on DirecTV this October.

Minka Kelly :: Jon Kopaloffs/Getty Images

It's Too Easy

My apologies for back-to-back New York items, and my apologies for kicking the Mets while they're down, but they're the gift that keeps giving, as proved by this and this.

Fun Forecast

The NFL season previews that compare teams to offbeat things continues in full force. Today, it's NFL clubs compared to Lost characters.

Quiz Time

Rickey Henderson, Don Mattingly

Here's a fun baseball card quiz that tests your knowledge of the different brands from the '70s, '80s and early '90s.

He Talks Hockey Better Than He Throws

It's hard to bring up Baba Booey in a sports context without mentioning his now infamous first pitch before a Mets game in May, but the Howard Stern Show producer is also a big hockey fan. Here are his five reasons for loving the sport.

Random Links

Jennifer Love Hewittlikes to play tennis. ... Shaqhas to wear a pink Speedo if he loses a volleyball match. ... David Beckhamwasn't always this studly.

E-Mail Of The Day

Kevin Fields, in Okinawa, Japan, says, "Jimmy, love the clip ofEddie Murphy. The youngsters don't realize that this dude was the top dog of comedy until that fateful night he got stopped with the tranny. Anyway, I can't embed the link because I'm on a government computer (heavily filtered), but you gotta check out the SNL skit with him impersonating James Brown getting in a hot tub. Two words ... comedic gold. You can even post it on Hot Clicks since it doesn't have the raunchy language." I'm posting this for two reasons. One, Kevin is right. If anyone hasn't seen this clip, they must. And two, government computers should really cut back on filtering so much stuff.

I Need Your Help

I've been thinking about doing a weekly or biweekly podcast (in addition to Hot Clicks), but I don't want to do it if nobody will listen. So forgive me for making this item about me, but I need you to vote in this poll. Thanks.

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Sports Video Of The Day

You may have heard that Prince Fielder tried to storm the Dodgers clubhouse Tuesday night after getting hit by a pitch from Guillermo Mota. Here's the video of Fielder's attempt to find Mota. (Thanks to Adam C., of Indianapolis, for the link.)

Minka Kelly Video Of The Day

Yes, it's Minka Kelly day in the Clicks. Major props to my buddy Salfrom WFAN radio in New York for the heads up that she appeared on Tuesday's edition of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Water Slide Video Of The Day

Coolest. Thing. Ever. (Thanks to Chad Starbuck, of Salt Lake City, for the link.)

UPDATE: 10:57 a.m.: Sadly, this video is fake. (Thanks to Sean Buck, of Mount Holly, N.J., for the link.)

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