By Jim Gorant
August 10, 2009

In 2007 I wrote a book called Fanatic: 10 Things All Sports Fans Should Do Before They Die, which chronicled my year-long odyssey to a roster of iconic sporting events. The list -- Super Bowl, Daytona 500, Masters, Final Four, Kentucky Derby, Wimbledon, day game at Wrigley, Ohio State-Michigan, Lambeau in December and Opening Day at Fenway -- was not so much an attempt to identify the greatest events, but to see first hand the ones I had always wanted to check out but for one reason or another had never made it to.

In that spirit, asked a bunch of writers which sports events they have never partaken of but would most like to cover, attend or participate in. Their answers ranged from witnessing the big water of Half-Moon Bay to watching an ancient skating marathon on canals of Holland and everything in between. As a bonus, they've thrown in a note about their favorite of all the events they have covered. Herewith is your opportunity to travel the globe with SI's best and brightest, checking out the biggest, strangest, coolest and quirkiest the world of sports has to offer -- without the weird food and cramped seat in coach.

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