Hot Clicks: Mila Kunis, Tom Brady-Bill Belichick relationship

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Two For The Price Of One

I received two e-mails from Details magazine this week. The first said, "New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady dishes to the new September issue of Details magazine about the Patriot's upcoming season, being married to the hottest woman on the planet and what he really thinks about Bill Belichick." (Story can be found here, best part of the article can be found here.) The second said, "The September issue of Details hits stands next week, and we feature the sultry starlet Mila Kunis. We talk to the star of the upcoming Extract about her World of Warcraft addiction, qualifying for medical marijuana and her 'rock solid stomach' even when it comes to dirty Family Guy humor." (Story can be found here.) Both of these features are timely because Brady is expected to play tonight against the Eagles (his first game action since getting injured in Week 1 of last season), and because Kunis is hot.

Mila Kunis :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Speaking Of Football Returns ...

I committed a fireable offense yesterday by not mentioning that Hard Knocks aired its first episode last night on HBO. For some reason, there was barely any buzz about the show leading into the debut. You'd think the Bengals would generate some excitement because Lord only knows what you'll get with them. Anyway, in a pleasant surprise, Chad Ochowhateverhisnameis did not dominate the first episode, but his constant use of the phrase "child please" was definitely a highlight, along with Tank Johnson's telling a fourth-grader he needs to learn how to fight. More details on Episode 1 are here.

Speaking Of Fireable Offenses ...

This may get me in trouble, but I have to do it. It's my duty (no pun intended) to serve you guys, and I just have to take a chance. In this week's Pop Culture Grid, found in Sports Illustrated and right here on, athletes were asked what song is playing on their iPod right now. Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kerhsaw responded, "Anything by Taylor Swift." Clearly, you'd think that would be the standout item in the Grid. Not. Even. Close. The athletes were also asked to finish this sentence: "Don't mess with me when I'm..." L.A. Galaxy forward Alan Gordon responded, "Dropping off the kids at the pool."

From Bad To Worse

Shane Victorino :: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Throwing a beer on an outfielder, as a Cubs fan did to Shane Victorino last night, is bad enough, but when you top that off by denying it and standing by while another fan gets ejected, that should be grounds for a lifetime ban from Wrigley.

Cutting Up Cutler

Jay Cutler may have an entire Web site devoted to him, but the folks in Denver -- especially the youngsters -- are still bitter about his departure.

You Guys Are Funny

Chase Russell, of Dallas, e-mailed to say, "Jimmy, you definitely need a Jeter one of these. Meanwhile, Ted, of Chicago, says, "It's funny you forgot to show some hilarious pictures of your man-crush. Here are a few for you. Maybe you'll show them, but I doubt it." The pics Ted is referring to are here and here, and I'm giving you a bonus one here.

Random Links

The eight people you want to avoid at a concert. ... What happened to the cast of one of the best movies in American film history, Just One of the Guys? ... The "Bookmark It" Web site of the day is (Thanks to Andrew, of Chicago, for the link.)

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Sports Video Of The Day

Football is almost here. Are you ready to tailgate?

Toby Jones Video Of The Day

In what is clearly the best news of the day, the dude from the "Jones' Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage" and "Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage" commercials is back.

Marisa Miller-Alessandra Ambrosio Video Of The Day

They just dance around. Enjoy. (Thanks to Sean Kim, of Calabasas, Calif., for the link.)

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