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We Love All Things Cheryl Cole

The Big Lead has put together a soccer team by position of WAGs whose husbands play said position. One of the WAGs on the roster is Cheryl Cole, wife of Ashley Cole. Cheryl is currently a judge on Simon Cowell's UK version of American Idol, The X-Factor. The show recently held auditions and this guy has become an Internet sensation for his rendition of With a Little Help from My Friends. (Thanks to Danny, of East Brunswick, N.J., for the link.)

Cheryl Cole :: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Kate Mara's Pigskin Preview

Bryan, of Virginia, says, "Alright, I know you hate Entourage, but it's still worth watching. Kate Mara is E's new assistant, and she has tons of sports ties so you have an excuse to feature her." Hate is a strong word. I don't hateEntourage. I just stopped watching it because it wasn't funny anymore. But I can get on board with featuring Kate Mara, especially when she's previewing the NFL season.

To Show That I Don't Hate Entourage...

I'll even link to this funny -- yes, funny -- Plaxico Burress mention from last week's episode. Speaking of Burress, he's interviewed on tonight's E:60. The highlight (or would it be lowlight) is Burress revealing that he did not know he had shot himself, which led to this surreal exchange between the wide receiver and Antonio Pierce. Burress: "Yo, take me to the hospital." Pierce: "What's wrong?" Burress: "I think I just shot myself." Pierce: "Noooo."

I Say They Add Charm

Cowboys Stadium :: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

With the Dallas Cowboys' new, low-hanging scoreboard at the center of a brewing war between Jerry Jones and the NFL, Bleacher Report looks at the 10 most annoying stadium quirks.

Two Types Of Disturbing Behavior

You've seen cheap shots on the soccer field before, but this one is particularly brutal. But that is NOTHING compared to this sick story about a woman, a goat and Brett Favre. (Thanks to Barry, of Milwaukee, for the link.)

Double Entendre Quote Of The Year

Ichiroon infield hits being better than home runs: "I think there's sexiness in infield hits because they require technique. I'd rather impress the chicks with my technique than with my brute strength."

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Sports Video Of The Day

Fastest knockout you'll ever see. (Thanks to Stephen, of Dallas, for the link.)

Carnival Video Of The Day

Partaking in a dog ride while wearing a Michael Vick Eagles jersey. I can't figure out if it's genius, inappropriate or both.

Chris Cooley Video Of The Day

The Redskins' tight end took on some wasps last year. Well, they didn't go away. In fact, they seem to have multiplied.

News Blooper Of The Day

That script could've used an edit.

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