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Hot Clicks: Candice Crawford is Romo's newest blonde

Another Season, Another Blonde

Programming Note: Apparently no one wants to do Hot Clicks these days. With Jimmy still living the dream at Mohegan Sun and Andy taking a Photoshop class today, I've been called into action. I feel like the third-string quarterback simply trying to not make any mistakes. Don't worry, though, as Jimmy will be back tomorrow.

You didn't really think Tony Romo would actually go into a football season without making some relationship news, did you? There are reports that Romo is seeing former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford, a top 10 finalist for Miss USA last year and an aspiring TV reporter and anchor. We're not sure if the two are really an item or simply friends, but judging from Romo's past girlfriends, she would certainly fit the description.

Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, Candice Crawford :: AP : Courtesy of Miss USA

Detroit Lions Version 2.Bad

Maybe its time to start admitting that the Lions are just cursed and there's nothing they can do about it. How else do you explain Daunte Culpepperinjuring himself on his living room carpet? If your quarterback can't guide himself from his bedroom to his kitchen, how is he supposed to guide an offense?

Blackouts, Blackouts Everywhere

The NFL may be king these days, but that doesn't mean it's recession proof. As many as 12 teams could be facing local TV blackouts this season. Something tells us that wouldn't be the case if the NFL weren't charging New York Yankees-like prices for fans to attend games.

Is It Too Early To Call Bust?

Andre Smith : Bob Rosato/SI

Is it just us or has Andre Smith had "bust" written all over him since his shirtless, Jello-jiggling 40-yard dash at his pro day? He just can't seem to do anything right. Even his extended holdout was chronicled in Hard Knocks -- and what happens less than 48 hours after he signed for a guaranteed $21 million? He breaks his foot in practice.

Teen Wolf Returns

Is there a greater sports scene in cinema history than Michael J. Foxgoing all Harlem Globetrotters in Teen Wolf? Well, MTV is developing a series based on the 1980s cult classic. We can only hope the basketball season lasts all year long in this comedy.

Random Links

Something tells us People magazine won't get Erin Andrews confused with another female sports reporter after she appears on Oprah's show Sept. 11. ... The best part of the NHL -- the Winter Classic -- will finally be included in the new NHL2K10 ... And last but not least, the UFC may have found its newest upcoming star: A Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Going from a Dragonzord to an Octagon should be no sweat.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Apparently the Cowboys don't need Hard Knocks as long as running back Tashard Choice has a handheld camera.

Cars Hitting Balls Video Of The Day

Maybe the best way to get Americans into soccer is by mixing it with NASCAR and replacing players with cars.

Cars Blasting Giant Ball Stunt - Watch more Funny Videos

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The new Laker takes a crack at Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.

The Office Spoof Video Of The Day

We're guessing there was a reason recently fired offensive coordinator Chan Gailey wasn't included in this Kansas City Chiefs spoof of The Office.

Blitzcorner | Kansas City Chiefs Office Parody Video

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