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Hot Clicks: Audrina Patridge, things learned on Twitter

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Tweet Tweet

I know the NFL season begins tonight -- there will be plenty of links about it in today's Hot Clicks -- but I need to start with a little summation of why everyone reading this should be on Twitter (and following me). Let's recap yesterday's Twitter events: Terrell Owens -- yes, Terrell Owens -- breaks the news that Brady Quinn won the Cleveland Browns' starting quarterback job. Then, Owens goes on to bash ESPN. Then, word comes down that the worst sports column ever has been written. Later in the evening, news breaks that Ellen DeGeneresis replacingPaula Abdul on American Idol. Then, Reggie Bushcomes up with a clever line about the Roger Federer-Robin Soderling match. Then Alyssa Milanoposts a link to the 10 Most Embarrassing Moments In White People Dancing History. And lastly, sends me a tweet that Audrina Patridgelooks kinda good on the cover of the latest issue of Maxim magazine.

Audrina Patridge : Courtesy of

Only In New York

It's hard enough to just walk in midtown Manhattan, but yesterday, Alexander Ovechkindrove a Zamboni down Sixth Avenue.

This Cougar Is Out Of Control!

This is actually a great story. Sidney Crosby delivered Penguins season tickets to a woman two years ago. He returned to the fan's house this week to bring her this season's tickets and surprised her with the Stanley Cup, as well. Not surprisingly, she couldn't contain her excitement.

Pigskin Bonanza

Steelers-Titans :: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

NFL separated-at-birth photos. ... Ten rules for watching football with your friends. ... A summary of each team using the current Billboard 100. ... Download the 2009 NFL Cheerleader Schedule. ... Here's your 2009 broadcasting guide.

Do You Still Need To Get In The Pool?

If you haven't joined Hot Clicks' NFL picks pool, do so now.

She Looks Familiar

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SI Recommends

Hey, who is that jumping up and down in a luxury suite as Derek Jeter ties Lou Gehrig's Yankees team record for hits?

Two Very Funny Links

First up is a must-hear audio clip of a guy leaving two voicemails for a lady he just met. Then, check out the very amusing

More Links On Twitter And Facebook

Follow me on Twitter and join the Hot Clicks Facebook group for more links and videos that don't make Hot Clicks.

Sports Video Of The Day

Alex Rodriguez has stayed out of trouble this season and has kept a low profile since spring training. But this video is still very funny.

News Blooper Video Of The Day

The best part is the reaction of the anchor back in the studio.

Unlucky Reporter Falls in Filthy Water - Watch more Funny Videos

Commercial Of The Day

Um, interesting ad by Budweiser.

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