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NFL Power Rankings, Week 3

Feel that? That was the NFL landscape shifting beneath our feet. At least as far as's NFL Power Rankings go. Not only did our top three teams from last week -- New England, Pittsburgh and Green Bay -- all go down to their first defeat in Week 2, six of our top 10 clubs bit the dust, proving there's nothing quite so volatile as an NFL power ranking in September.

This week's rankings probably should be sponsored by Otis Elevators, because I've got teams hurtling up and down furiously, and I've even given a few of the bigger disappointments the shaft. To no surprise, the upstart Jets are one of the flavors of the week, with the Colts, 49ers, Vikings and Bengals making significant strides as well. You can spot the nose-divers easily enough. They were in my top 10 last week.

Change can be good. Invigorating even. But if this pace keeps up, we're going to look sillier than a list of Eric Mangini's team rules. (Send comments to

NFL Power Rankings

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