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Hot Clicks: Bodypainted unis; fan let out of jail for MLB game

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Uniforms Never Looked So Good

As you may know, Sports Illustrated features body-painting photos each year in its Swimsuit Issue (2008 was a particularly strong year, as proved above by Quiana Grant). Our friends at Co-Ed Magazine have put their own spin on the body-painting phenomenon and compiled this American sports edition gallery.

Quiana Grant : SI

Let's Play The Feud

Former ESPN analyst Sean Salisburyis NOT a fan of Deadspin. He sent the site a series of angry e-mails (to say the least) yesterday threatening to sue. He also dropped this bombshell in one of his missives: "I kept a journal for 13 years at espn and a tell all book will be released in months to come. Book title: espn exposed. The truth inside the r rated company." After Deadspin posted Salisbury's first set of e-mails, he came back for more.

What Would Judge Judy Say About This?

I had to read this story three times to make sure it wasn't from The Onion. Here's the first sentence: "A judge in Iowa has allowed a man to be temporarily released from jail so he can go see the Boston Red Sox play the Kansas City Royals." (Thanks to Ron Sanderson, of Woodstock Valley, Conn., for the link.)

Not Quite Bodypaint Uniforms, But Still Solid

Oregon Ducks :: Steve Dykes/Getty Images

As I pointed out on Twitter over the weekend, I loved the uniform, featured above, that the Oregon Ducks wore last Saturday. This was just one of 80 possible uniform combinations that the Ducks can wear this season. But for some reason, the Ducks are going to an 81st uniform this Saturday against Cal.

Ramblin' Ron Artest

You probably think the Kanye West-Taylor Swift thing is tired, played out, old news. Well, you'd be wrong. And the reason it's still OK to mention the VMA incident is because Ron Artest just made this video in which he sings about West and Swift.

Who Wants To Scratch The Nature Boy?

I'm tempted to drive from New York to North Carolina just so I can get one of these Ric Flairscratch-off lottery games.

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Um, I don't think that's allowed. (Thanks to Jason, of Santa Cruz, Calif., for the link.)

Leaping Video Of The Day

Yesterday's Hot Clicks featured a piece on the best leaps in college football. Reader Steve (no hometown given) points out that this awesome play by Roy Williams during his Oklahoma days was omitted from the list.

Hard Tackle Video Of The Day

Through two weeks of the NFL season, the hardest hit of 2009 doesn't come from the pros. Thanks to the Legend of Cecilio Guante, we now know it comes from Pee Wee football.

Prank Of The Day

I assume this guy got cut off for a few days. (Warning: Video contains a couple of F-bombs.)

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