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Love You, Ron Ron

New Laker Ron Artest was interviewed recently by's Arash Markazi. Artest decided to take things a step further and set up his own photo shoot -- with his own model, Natalin Avci. The photos weren't scheduled to run anywhere and the shoot was strictly for Artest's own pleasure. Now, we can focus on the fact that an athlete's setting up his own photo shoot for kicks is a little out of the norm, but that's really not important. What's important is that luckily for Hot Clicks Nation, Markazi (follow him on Twitter) came through for us and passed along the pictures.

Natalin Avci : Courtesy of Michael Vincent Photography

NFL Roundup

You gotta fast forward to the 2:08 mark of this video and listen to the referee's bizarre explanation of a catch in the Tennessee-Jacksonville game. (Thanks to Vinh Diesel, of Santa Barbara, Calif., for the link. Nice touch by adding the "h" to the name, by the way). ... Either Rodney Harrisonsaid one of the stupidest things ever ("Tom Brady, take off the skirt") on last night's NBC pregame show, or he was trying to be funny and failed miserably. (Thanks to James Reed, of Maryville, Mo., for the link.) ... Chris Bermanhad his own slip of the tongue Sunday. ... Did Eli Manningleave a present for the Cowboys at their new, plush stadium after he beat them in Week 1?

College Football Roundup

Um, what exactly is Mark Maydoing here? (Thanks to College Wolf, of Minneapolis, for the link.) ... Here are your College GameDay signs. ... College football's excessive celebration penalty is crap, as proved in the LSU-Georgia game.

Send It In!

Gus Johnson, Bill Raftery :: AP

Big news for you sports video game fans. Hot Clicks can exclusively report that Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery are the voices of EA Sports' upcoming NCAA BASKETBALL 10 in stores Nov. 18. For a taste of what you're in for, click here and here.

Did He Really Use The Dog Excuse?

Check out what Miguel Cabrerawas up to the night before the Tigers' season was on the line against the White Sox on Saturday.

Random Links

I'm a big fan of, but those lowlifes guys have decided to inform the world that today is the two-year anniversary of the Joba Chamberlain bug game. ... Mark Sanchez had a rough day against the Saints, but things seem to be going swell for him off the field. ... Just an awesome picture of a fan's reaction as a catcher comes flying into the stands.

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Sports Video Of The Day

This video was uploaded to YouTube three weeks ago but it seems very appropriate today. Even if you don't care about the Buffalo Bills, you must listen to the lyrics of this Trent Edwards song. (Thanks to Mike Brown, of Buffalo, N.Y., for the link.)

Live TV Video Of The Day has compiled 10 videos of reporters getting interrupted on the air. This is one of them. Check out the other nine here.

Olympics Video Of The Day

David Haring, of Perkasie, Pa., e-mailed to say, "Now that Rio won the Olympics, here is a golden opportunity to play the Gisele video." Yes, yes it is.

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