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Bad TV (Chip) & Good TV (Modern Family)

I swear, I'm really going to try to not go overboard with Yankees stuff in Hot Clicks while they're in the playoffs, but two things need to be said about last night. One, I can't keep up with all the e-mails and tweets I get about how awful Chip Caray is. This is how bad it's gotten: A Red Sox fan -- yes, a Red Sox fan -- says he'd rather listen to John Sterling's and Suzyn Waldman's radio call than Chip Caray. Now, I'm a die-hard Yankees fan, so I love John and Suzyn (or as New York Daily News writer Bob Raissman calls them, Ma and Pa Pinstripe). But I didn't think there was one non-Yankees fan who would choose them over any other broadcasters. However, Kevin Poma, of Monterey, Calif., writes, "Hey Jimmy, are you already sick and tired of listening to the TBS announcers for playoff baseball? I found a solution! Step 1: Mute the TV. Step 2: Access the radio on your computer ( and choose your broadcast (You must be a subscriber). Step 3: Turn the channel to the Standard Def broadcast of TBS (HD is off by a couple of seconds). Although I'm a Sox fan, I rather listen to John and Suzyn than to Chip and Ron [Darling]!" Kevin's e-mail came in exactly 10 minutes after this one from Kevin D., of Arlington, Va: "Your boy Caray botched another one in the top of the 7th inning. He said, 'Orlando Cabrera has played in the Division Series with Anaheim, Boston, Yankees and Tampa Bay.' Umm, no he didn't. Try LAA, Boston and CWS! This is one of the worst broadcasting tandems."

I don't want to pick on Chip, and those e-mails say it all, so I'll move on to point No. 2 about last night. Can every Yankees playoff game start at 6:07 p.m. ET, please? Since they always play four-hour marathons, it was nice to not stay up until 1 a.m. for a change. The other benefit of the early start time was that because the game was essentially over by 9 p.m., I was able to flip over to ABC (Yankees game was moved to TV No. 2, so don't e-mail asking how I could not watch a playoff game) and watch the best new show of the fall season, Modern Family, starring Sofia Vergara, whom many readers, including Geoff Winston, of Chicago, have requested in Hot Clicks. If you haven't checked out this show, go to and catch up ASAP. And if you don't know who Vergara is, I suggest you find out.

Sofia Vergara : Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

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Bad Times In Buffalo

Terrell Owens, Dick Jauron, Trent Edwards :: Getty Images

The natives are getting restless in Buffalo. Monday's Hot Clicks featured a great Trent Edwards song parody that's worth watching again. And today, we have this e-mail from Garrett, of Lockport, N.Y.: "Things are starting to get out of hand in Buffalo and fans are fed up with the Bills and Dick Jauron. I saw you posted the 'Hey There, Trent Edwards Song' and the same guys are back at it again. Here is the 'When will Dick Jauron get fired song.' Also, former Bills are starting to get pretty angry with the product on the field. Here is the link to what Darryl Talley had to say." I'll just say this to Bills fans: If you think you got it bad, wait til you see what's coming to your home stadium Sunday -- the Cleveland Browns.

Speaking Of The Browns...

Benjamin Hordell, of New York, and Aaron, of New York, asked, "Is this why the Browns shipped Braylon Edwards out of town?" Meanwhile, Edwards should stay away from Twitter.

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