Hot Clicks: Women of the 2000s, fan goes 0-19 at Nationals games

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This Should Keep You Busy Over The Weekend has come out with its list of the top 100 women of the 2000s. I have to thank them because this gives me a chance to feature the stunning Penelope Cruz, who has never been in Hot Clicks before. Complex also came up with a clever way to make this list relate to sports. The site assigns certain "categories" to each woman. One of the categories has to do with reportedly being "connected to" Derek Jeter, who continues to amaze.

Penelope Cruz : Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

More Looking Back

In Game Now doesn't reminisce about the decade. It's focused solely on 2009, which it has dubbed "The year of the pregnant athlete and WAG."

The Nationals Should Hook This Guy Up

Yes, the Washington Nationals had a rough year. But this story is still pretty amazing. A fan went to 19 Nats games. The team's record in those games? Yup, 0-19. The organization should step up here and give this guy free front-row seats to Opening Day next year.

The Odd Couple

Slash :: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Yesterday's thrilling comeback by the Dodgers was bookended by Slash's playing the national anthem and Vin Scully's giving us another memorable call. (For Scully's call of the full inning, click here.) As for Matt Holliday's blunder, well, as you can imagine, reaction in St. Louis hasn't been good.

Still Caraying On

A few of you have written in to tell me to take it easy on Chip Caray. I promise to take it easy on him tonight. Of course, I'll be at the Yankees game, so I won't have to hear him, but that's beside the point. Anyway, to show that it's not just me and Hot Clicks Nation who have issues with Chip, check out this blistering piece by The New York Times' Richard Sandomir.

Slighted Storyline

If you missed the biggest sports story from earlier this week, you weren't the only one.

Root Against Alabama This Week

This William Zabka-esque Alabama fan has mastered the art of trash talking.

Random Links

The Patriots visit the Broncos on Sunday, but a penalty already has been called. ... Here's a product that could be fun to have when you have some people over to watch a big game. ... Did Paris Hilton put a curse onCristiano Ronaldo?

Friday Night Lights Fix

If the top 100 women of the 2000s isn't enough to keep you busy all weekend, how about interviews withKyle Chandler, Connie Britton and Brad Leland (aka Buddy Garrity)?

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Sports Video Of The Day

Soccer fights aren't all that usual. But what about a youth soccer fight? Check that. What about a youth girls soccer fight? (Thanks to Mihai, of Brussels, Belgium, for the link.)

Piano Stairs Video Of The Day

What happens when stairs are transformed into a piano?

Pole Dancing Video Of The Day

You kinda need the pole to do the pole dancing.

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