Hot Clicks: Blackhawks Ice Girls, kid makes amazing hockey goal

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Where's My Cut?

Few things can make me prouder than helping a loyal member of Hot Clicks Nation win a bet. Preston B., of Aurora, Ill., says, "Hey, I'm a big fan of Hot Clicks. I just wanted to write in to say thanks. I was able to win a bet against my friend about how the Blackhawks aren't the only team to have an Ice Girls crew, all because of your postings of other Ice Crews, such as the New York Islanders and Atlanta Thrashers." See that? Not only can Hot Clicks help you win a wager, but it's also educational. And it can also provide you with even more Ice Girls.

Chicago Blackhawks Ice Girls : Getty Images

It Ain't Over...

This next link has clogged up my inbox because readers are sending it in at a rapid pace. Check out one of the craziest finishes to a football game that you'll ever see.

"I'm Doing OK"

Erin Andrews is back doing interviews again, but says she will talk only about sports.


Jason Campbell, Eriq LaSalle, Braylon Edwards :: Getty Images

Kevin LeCompte, of Winston-Salem, N.C., says, "Has anyone pointed out to you the similarity between Jason Campbell and Eriq La Salle from Coming to America? I can't take credit for this, because it was my wife who pointed it out, but come on, every time I see Jason Campbell now, I can't help but think to sing the Soul Glo commercial! Meanwhile, Ralph, of Bayside, N.Y., says, "After seeing new Jet Braylon Edwards on TV all week, I thought he reminded me of someone, but I couldn't figure out who. It just struck me now as I'm watching Coming to America. He looks just like the dude who plays Darryl!"

A Different Spin

Here are a few of this season's great NFL touchdowns reenacted on Tecmo Bowl.

Random Links

Athletes in Houston get some, um, interesting foods named after them. ... When things get to this point, just buy a new jersey. ... Covering the UFL has gotten to one reporter.

Real Or Fake Link Of The Day

The name makes me very skeptical. (Thanks to Tim Ward, of Columbus, Ohio, for the link.)

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Sports Video Of The Day

The kid's name in this video is Oliver Wahlstrom, and NHL teams should start trying to sign him now. (Thanks to Ron Sanderson, of Woodstock Valley, Conn., for the link.)

Commercial Of The Day

Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque got into some trouble for appearing in this beer commercial because the NHL prevents its players from appearing in spots that advertise alcohol. But after seeing the commercial, Laraque cannot be blamed for wanting the gig. (Thanks to Gerrard Campbell, of Palm Springs, Fla., for the link.)

Banned Commercial Of The Day

I'm not sure why this can't air on TV.

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