Hot Clicks: Cheering up Redskins fans, Panthers' cheap-shot

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Washington's Woes

Redskins fans are not handling their team's demise too well. Dave, of Lexington, S.C., says, "I'm a Redskins fan and am not sure how much more unbearable this season can get. Please remind me with a picture that, because of the cheerleaders, it's not that bad being a Skins fan." Christopher, of Hendersonville, N.C., says, "Football season is over for me. I am still a Redskins fan, but need a reminder as to why I am. Please feature a picture -- a really, really, really, good picture -- of a Redskins cheerleader. How many more weeks of this do I have to take?" I don't know how many more weeks of this you'll have to take, but Richard Killiam, of Fairfax, Va., e-mailed a link to this site, titled The opening sentence says, "This site is a gathering place for Redskins fans who are sick and tired of seeing their team perform miserably and are ready to do something about it." Meanwhile, Ramsey, of Washington, D.C., says "Jimmy, times are tough here in Washington. In the wake of Riggo taking our organization to the woodshed, check out this guy joining 'Redskins Anonymous.' It's hysterical and I think you had him on HC last fall." As for those pics of some Redskins cheerleaders, has you covered, as proved by the picture of Chelsea above. And for more, check

Redskins cheerleader Chelsea :: Courtesy of Redskins

Football Roundup

You must check out the Colt McCoy pic in this roundup of college football photos. ... Washington-Arizona State had the best finish to a game on Saturday. ... Here areJeff Fisher's "tweets" from yesterday's 59-0 drubbing at the hands of the Patriots. ... The Panthers' Dante Wesley was ejected from a game against Tampa Bay after this cheap shot.

Mad World

College basketball fans should check out this thorough Midnight Madness roundup -- filled with tons of YouTubes -- that covers several schools.

Shocking Footage

Clint Eastwood:: Philipee Merle/Getty Images

Clint Eastwood has always been thought of as a man's man. So it was a little surprising to see his poor form when kicking a soccer ball at a recent game.

Schmitt Happens

Remember last week when Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt bloodied himself after hitting his head with his helmet as a way to get fired up before a game against Jacksonville? Well, I saw this shirt during yesterday's Cardinals-Seahawks game and it's pretty awesome.

Tweet Trouble

Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian claims to have had a Twitter glitch the other day when he tried to send a photo while eating dinner in a restaurant. Somehow, the Twitterworld got a picture of a naked woman instead of the sushi-and-sake photo Berrian intended to share.

Follow-Up Item

It seems that SI's Cheerleader of the Week, Vanessa Marrero, who was featured in Friday's Hot Clicks, isn't new to striking a pose. (Thanks to Ryan, of Charlotte, N.C., and Brian Smith, of Philadelphia., for the link.)

E-Mail Of The Day

Justin K., of Chillicothe, Ohio, says, "Hey, Jimmy, last Wednesday you had the Braylon Edwards look-alike to some guy in some movie I've never heard of so how about Jimmy Clausen looking like Cheddar Bob from 8 Mile?" Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Movie you've never heard of? You've never heard of Coming to America? Justin, stop reading Hot Clicks right now and go rent/download/buy Coming to America. I'm not kidding. Stop reading right now and go watch it ASAP!

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Sports Video Of The Day

I guarantee that you've never seen a soccer goal like this. (Thanks to Adaig, of Ann Arbor, Mich., and Tyler Smith, of Lancaster, England, for the link.)

Bird Video Of The Day

Wait, should this be a 12-men-on-the-field-penatly? (Thanks to Jeremy Field, of Newark, Del., and James Reed, of L.A., for the link.)

Bad Commercial Of The Day

After seeing this disaster, it might be time for another round of awful commercials in Hot Clicks. (Thanks to Ben, of Kingsport, Tenn., for the link.)

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