Hot Clicks: 100 most searched women, Keion Bell's sick dunk

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Search Party

I'm gonna rush through Hot Clicks today because there is a rumor going around that Joe Girardi might take me out after the third item and replace me with Andy Gray. So let's get right to it. The folks at have released a list of the most searched women according to data from AOL's search engine over the past year. The list features athletes (Danica Patrick, No. 96), WAGs (Kim Kardashian, No. 4; Kendra Wilkinson, No. 29; Adriana Lima, No. 30; Eva Longoria, No. 61; Victoria Beckham, No. 66; Kate Hudson, No. 70; Gisele Bundchen, No. 83) and SI Swimsuit models (Heidi Klum, No. 8; Bar Refaeli, No. 44; Marisa Miller, No. 47), along with a shocker at No. 1. Speaking of Miller, how do you get this job?

Bar Refaeli :: Raphael Mazzucco/Getty Images

This Pains Me

Since I'm already down after Girardi overmanaged the Yankees into a loss yesterday, I'll just unload all these Yankees-bashing links now and get this out of the way. The sports blogosphere is having a field day with the pictures and video of Alex Rodriguez grabbing Derek Jeter's butt. The best part of A-Rod copping a feel, though, is that it led to this funny piece on the 10 commandments of sports ass-smacking. Meanwhile, other folks are tired of all the love given to Jeter. Lastly, Fox cameras caught Mariano Riveraspitting on the baseball yesterday. Let's move on.

More LCS Links

Check out former Phillies Darren Daulton and Ricky Bottalico and Comcast SportsNet host Michael Barkannreacting off camera to Philadelphia's comeback last night. ... It seems the Phillies took advantage of's jinx last night. ... Tim McCarverdoesn't know hisAybars.

Cheap Shots

Dante Wesley :: AP

The Panthers' Dante Wesley's vicious cheap shot on the Bucs' Clifton Smith resulted in a one-game suspension. It also resulted in this look at the 12 worst cheap shots in recent NFL history.

Poor Promotion

Not only did the Titans lose 59-0 on Sunday, but their fans were shut out of free pizza toppings.

Who's A Hoax?

Since the Balloon Boy story won't die down, it makes sense to capitalize on it, which is what Rumors & Rants did with this feature on the biggest "Balloon Boys" in college football.

Fine Lines

Last Friday's Hot Clicks featured an item about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar committing a gaffe on Jeopardy! after being asked a question about his role in Airplane. This has inspired Tailgating Ideas to break down the 15 most quotable movies.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Nothing special here. Just Pepperdine's Keion Bell dunking over FIVE OF HIS TEAMMATES! (Thanks to Jon, of Mendham, N.J., for the link.)

Godfather Of Soul Video Of The Day

This video has been on YouTube since April 2006 and has more than 3 million views, but I never saw it until Cody, of Savannah, Tenn., sent it yesterday. It's an interview in which James Brown is a bit, um ... well, just watch it for yourself.

Bad Commercial Of The Day

What more would you expect from a strip club? (Thanks to Tim, of Vancouver., for the link.)

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