NFL Power Rankings, Week 7

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All right, it's getting to be late October, which means we can start talking potential Super Bowl matchups. (I looked it up. It's in the NFL rules). Who do you like?

New Orleans and Denver would be fun. A showdown of former Purdue quarterbacks in Drew Brees and Kyle Orton, with fresh-faced head coaches Sean Payton and Josh McDaniels vying to see who looks more like a 16-year-old kid.

Then there's Indianapolis versus Minnesota. Would anyone read or watch a story all week in Miami that didn't revolve around quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Brett Favre? If I recall, I think they both have a bit of a consecutive game streak going.

How about the N.Y. Giants and New England, in the rematch that Tom Brady and all of Patriots Nation have been fantasizing about for 20 months, 17 days, and 13 hours? Give or take a minute. David Tyree could do the pre-game mid-field coin flip, trapping it on his helmet, while Rodney Harrison furiously tries to swat the half-dollar away.

Ah, we can dream. But now, as Casey Kasem used to say, back to the countdown... (Send comments to

NFL Power Rankings

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