Cheerleader of the Week: Virginia Tech's Nichole

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Name: Nichole HowarthHometown: Chesterfield, Va.School: Virginia TechYear: SeniorMajor: Business Management, Human Resources

Here is a photo gallery of Nichole in action, and here is's Cheerleader of the Week archive.

I love my school, but I almost went to: University of Louisville.

My best physical feature is: My eyes.

If I had to watch one movie on loop forever, it would be: What Happens in Vegas.

If you looked at the "most played" songs on my iPod, you'd see a lot of: The Fray and John Mayer.

The shows I DVR/TiVo are: The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and Grey's Anatomy.

My favorite Web Sites are:,

My favorite people to follow on Twitter are: I don't use Twitter.

My worst habit is: I'm a perfectionist.

My gameday superstitions are: Not touching the Hokie-Stone.

The talent I'd most like to have that I don't possess is: Singing.

These three things top my bucket list: An African safari, see the Seven Wonders of the World, skydiving.

I'd want my last meal to be: A big cheesy pizza with cinnastix.

The most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me during a game is: Getting dropped by my partner and subsequently straddling the male cheerleader. next to me.

Three things I'd take to a desert island are: Cheese pizza, satellite phone and a coke.

My favorite pro sports teams are: The Utah Jazz and the Redskins.

My one guilty pleasure is: Ice cream.

My celebrity crush is: David Beckham.

Five people I'd like to have dinner with (living or dead) are: Tom Brady, Teddy Roosevelt, Marilyn Monroe, John Mayer and Oprah.

My friends would be surprised to know that I: I love to cook.

The next risk I want to take is: Going into the "real world."

The worst date I've ever been on was: I was walking down the beach by the Mediterranean on the French Riviera with this amazing guy when all of the sudden his ex-girlfriend came up, cussed us out and obviously put an end to our date. It all worked out in the end, though.