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Just Rosy

Bulls guard Derrick Rose, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and Blackhawks left winger Patrick Sharpare battling in some Victoria's Secret competition to determine Chicago's sexiest athlete. But Rose is already a winner -- and so are we -- because on Thursday Victoria's Secret model and Hot Clicks Nation favoriteMarisa Miller, presented him with his nomination. Congrats, Derrick.

Marisa Miller:: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Phillies Fans Are The Gift That Keeps Giving

If you didn't catch yesterday's Hot Clicks, I strongly advise you to check them out just for the various Phillies videos in there. As for today, we have this fan, who seemed to REALLY like an attractive news reporter. And then there is the headline on this story: "Phillies Fans Try To Set Guy In A Tree On Fire With Roman Candles."

If You Thought That Headline Was Interesting...

How about this one: "Breaking News: Mike Vick Spotted in South Philadelphia CVS Buying Dog Food."

Watch Your Back!

Fatal Attraction :: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that you've heard something about this Steve Phillipsstory. Well, Pyle of List is concerned about other sports workplace relationships that have gotten out of hand.

Love You, Fox

Normally when an intoxicated (we assume) fan runs onto the field or does something stupid, announcers get all high and mighty and tell us how they won't show the culprit, because, you know, God forbid we have fun and laugh during a sporting event. Anyway, major props to Fox for showing this fan who wanted a little swim last night. I'm even forgiving Joe Buck now for this absurd and over-the-top reaction to a great sports moment. As for what took place on the field last night, this pretty much sums it up.

Random Links

Friday Night Lights returns (on DirecTV) next Wednesday. Here are Riggins' top 10 quotes to get you in the mood for the best show on TV. ... Anybody wanna get in the ring and boxKim Kardashian? ... Brad Pennyis dating another attractive celebrity.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Texas A&M lost to Kansas State 62-14 last week. And then things got even worse for the Aggies -- this video hit the 'Net.

Aggie Yell Leader Casey Schaffer from Double B on Vimeo.

Bad Commercial Of The Day

Aren't you just in tears at the end of this heartwarming story? (Thanks to Chuck, of Holyoke, Mass., for the link.)

Horse Video Of The Day

Maybe this is what Derek Jeter should've done to Alex Rodriguezwhen he grabbed his butt the other day. (Thanks to Greg Block, of Vancouver, British Columbia, for the link.)

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