Tressel, Ohio State impress with talk of collecting national titles

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Picture perfect.

On Thursday, class pictures will be taken at George Washington High and of course I need to look good. After all, this is going to be the photograph that everyone in my family will hang on their wall and stuff in their wallet. A man has to look good for his senior portrait.

I'll tell you what, though, Ohio State was quite a picture last weekend.

I landed in Columbus last Friday and it was a really good visit. You can't help but be blown away by everything and the way they do football. The weather was a bit chilly, just like my home in Philadelphia. I was looking forward to this visit for a while and the Buckeyes did not disappoint.

What I really liked was their defense and the scheme they use. They put their defensive tackle in a hybrid type of scheme, varying between straight up clogging the middle and also playing wide as an end. It would use my bull rush and speed. I think I could get some big numbers in a system like that.

Coach Jim Tressel makes no promises and what he demands is hard work and effort. I like to think I bring that every day. His honesty was cool.

He told me that he collects two things and he needs my help to continue his collection. The first thing he wants me to help him get is another championship ring. Every year, the Buckeyes challenge for a national title and coach told me that they think I can help them get another one.

The second collectible is a game ball from each of his NFL first-round picks. Coach Tressel told me that he thinks if I work hard, there is no reason I can't give him another one.

Talk about goose bumps.

Next weekend, I might head to Penn State for an unofficial visit. The Nittany Lions play the Buckeyes and it should be a crazy game and a full white-out.

And I want to end with this with my top five. Can I have a drum roll please?

In no particular order, they are: Florida, Ohio State, North Carolina, South Carolina and USC.

We'll see which one of these is picture perfect.