November 02, 2009

Fill in answers as in a crossword -- except the answers are numbers. For rows or columns with multiple clues, enter answers consecutively. The sum will equal the red total at the end of each row/column.


A• Most career World Series HRs (Mickey Mantle)• Number worn by Jimmy Rollins

B• Most years played before appearing in a WS (Joe Niekro, Mike Morgan)• Yankees' WS berths through 2008

C• World Series won by Yankees through '08• Phillies' World Series appearances (including 2009)• World Series won by Rays and Rockies

D• World Series played, including 2009• Strikes needed for a strikeout


E• Most total bases in a WS game (Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson)• Phillies' WS titles won through 2008• In keeping score, the pitcher

F• Regular-season wins to finish .500• Year Bill Mazeroski's homer won the WS for the Pirates: 19__

G• Number worn by A-Rod• Most WS games (Yogi Berra)

H• Year of the first World Series

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