Morning Jolt: Blue Jays to trade Halladay?

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Monday, November 9

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Blues Jays may trade Halladay

The issue front and center on the minds of the Blue Jays' fan base is the status of ace Roy Halladay, who is eligible for free agency next offseason and a key component in Toronto's direction. Alex Anthopoulos stressed that the Jays want to keep Halladay in the fold, but the pitcher has made it no secret that his goal is to reach the postseason and play for a World Series title soon. A contract extension for Halladay is an unlikely scenario, considering that 2010 likely will be a stepping stone within a more long-term process for Toronto. It is more likely Anthopoulos will field trade offers for the pitcher this winter, and the young general manager indicated he is open to listening to proposals for any of his players. (

Boldin upset with Cardinals again

The Cardinals returned home Sunday with another road victory, the division lead and one miserable receiver. Anquan Boldin was among the team's eight inactive players, and he said no one was "man enough" to tell him he wasn't playing. Boldin said he found out before the game when he returned to locker room from testing his injured right ankle and found his gear had been removed from his locker. Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he approached Boldin at the player's locker and told him he wasn't playing. Two witnesses to Whisenhunt's conversation with Boldin said the receiver would not look at the coach during the conversation. (Arizona Republic)Comment

Weis putting blame on his players?

Not surprisingly, after watching its highest hopes get obliterated by a loss to Navy on Saturday, Notre Dame was in search of why it happened and who was responsible. And apparently Irish coach Charlie Weis has no shortage of candidates. It is a week of "accountability and dependability," Weis proclaimed Sunday. Disgruntled Irish fans might agree with the premise if not the target of the accountability crusade, but Weis apparently already looked in the mirror and then moved on to his players. "There's going to be plenty of evidence today of guys understanding who was at fault for what situations," Weis said. "As you know, after a loss, I'm not big on giving up players, ever. That's not my way. But I think when they watch the tape, there's going to be plenty of evidence. Don't sit there and point the finger at anyone other than yourself because here's what happened on the play." (Chicago Tribune)Comment

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