Hot Clicks: Pats cheerleaders; Bud Adams flips the bird to Bills

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Bill's Big Risk

The story this morning is Bill Belichick's shocking decision to go for it on 4th-and-2 from his own 28-yard line with 2:02 left and the Patriots leading 34-28 at Indianapolis. As you know by now, New England's bid to seal the game with a first down fell short and the Colts came back to win. Now, most of you would agree that no matter what happens, Patriots fans have experienced so much success in recent years that they shouldn't get any sympathy, but after a crazy loss like that, I feel it's my duty to remind the New England faithful that they still have some very fine cheerleaders. As for the fallout from Belichick's decision, things got very testy on the field after the game when one of Belichick's security people took down a cameraman. Meanwhile, not everyone agrees that going for it was a dumb call.

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NFL Roundup

There was a minor fireworks problem during the Pats-Colts game. ... Dan Marino casually dropped the s-word while voicing some hightlights on CBS' studio show yesterday. ... It wasn't enough for Titans owner Bud Adams that his team thumped the Bills 41-17. He also had to repeatedly flip off Buffalo's sideline from his owner's box. ... Could karma be the reason the Redskins beat the Broncos? A few hours before kick-off, the team reversed it's absurd policy that fans couldn't bring signs into the stadium.

College Football Roundup

The College GameDay signs from TCU were particularly creative. ... Missouri fans were very excited about their team's win in Kansas State. ... Here's the most vicious hit from Saturday.

E-Mail Of The Day

Boise State dog :: Courtesy of Austin Szwec

Austin Szwec, of Boise, Idaho, says, "Jimmy, I know you posted a link about that dog that was painted and had a carved-out No. 4 for Favre. Well, this dog (I attached the picture) was at the Boise State vs. Vandals game this weekend. So much better, but wrong on so many levels. So much for that chump who sent you all of those 'motivational' posters about the Vandals. They got OWNED!!! I really hope you put up that picture."


I don't want to describe too much about this link sent in byScott, of New York, because you just have to read it to really appreciate it. I'll just tell you that it involves a misunderstanding between the French government and the Irish government over a soccer game and a box.

Gridiron Gigs looks at the 10 best jobs in football for the Average Joe who doesn't have the physical tools to become a player.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Here's a look at the top 10 things thrown on the ice during a hockey game. (Thanks to Lexus, of Ottawa, and Robert, of L.A., for the link.)

Dazed And Confused Video Of The Day

The folks at have put together a compilation that features every single "Hey man" in Dazed and Confused.

Elizabeth Lambert Video Of The Day

No, this isn't the video of the New Mexico soccer player attacking and pummeling an opponent. This is her "online dating video." (Thanks to Danny Weylie, of Boston, for the link.)

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