Hot Clicks: Must-see Chinese report on Tiger Woods; Ashley Greene

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CLICK HERE FOR TUESDAY'S A.M. HOT calls out the NBA's all-time greatest floppers, but, somehow, Manu Ginobili didn't come in at No. 1.

Top Flops

Manu Ginobili :: Getty Images

Timberwolves forward Kevin Loveis reportedly dating a former Cheerleader of the Week.

Love's Love

This afternoon, Vin Scully officially announced that he'd be back calling Dodgers games next season. In honor of that great news, here's a three-minute audio clip of Scully doing his thing.

Music To Everyone's Ears

Matt Sells, of Gull Lake, Canada, says, "I know those Vampire movies are lame, but a lot of guys have probably been dragged to them lately. So how about some pics of the girls of Twilight? Especially Ashley Greene!" Consider it done.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ashley Greene :: Courtesy of is looking at the worst teeth in sports. And if you get the headline above, click this and enjoy.


There was a great Craigslist post in this morning's Hot Clicks about a guy who lost a bet. Titans tight end Alge Crumpler can relate because the North Carolina alum had to sport some N.C. State apparel after the Wolfpack beat the Tar Heels last Saturday.

More Betting Stories

Canada's version of the Web site doesn't disappoint, either. In fact, you can get tickets to an upcoming Senators-Canadiens game for free. Well, there is one caveat.

Speaking Of Craigslist...

Rajon Rondohas challenged the Titans'Chris Johnson to a race. ... I haven't bragged about the fact that my scoop that The Who would perform at this year's Super Bowl was correct, but this funny take from Joe Sports Fan reminded me that I should do so. ... The Patriots ran down the score last night.

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One of the best videos to ever grace Hot Clicks.

Sports Video Of The Day

Yesterday's Hot Clicks featured video of a Florida State player totally whiffing on a tackle against Florida. Now comes this clip of an offensive lineman who never even moves from his three-point stance during a play. Bobby Bowden should be glad to leave.

Poor Effort Of The Day

A very new and different edition of Scrubs returns to ABC tonight. In honor of that, let's remember Ted's band.

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