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CLICK HERE FOR WEDNESDAY'S A.M. HOT CLICKS.Heisman Trophy talk is a hot topic right now, but all you have to do to find out who will win the award is check The site keeps tracks of media members who reveal how they voted and collects the data to project a winner. It's been right seven out of the past seven years. And that's good news for Alabama running back Mark Ingram and not-so-good news for Stanford running back Toby Gerhart.

Why Wait Until Saturday?

Mark Ingram, Toby Gerhart :: Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings will hold $1 Beer Night on Dec. 16. The best part of the story is that the game will air on ESPN. I look forward to the YouTube videos of unruly fans this will generate. (Thanks to Jeff, of Niagara Falls, Ontario, for the link.)

This Won't End Well

Mike Sullivan, of Middletown, N.J., asks, "Jimmy, how come so quiet on Tiger?" Truth be told, I have about 100 Tiger-related links sitting in my inbox and I just can't muster the interest to look at any of them. I'm worn out by this story. I can't keep up with the stories about the mistresses. I have zero interest in what all this means for Tiger's endorsements. I don't care what Elin does. I really don't care about what this means for golf. And I don't have any interest in reading psychoanalysis of why athletes cheat or why men cheat, etc., etc. But if you really need a Tiger link, the stories I appreciate regarding this scandal are ones like this.

There Must Not Be Enough Tiger Coverage

Kane of Missouri, says, "I would like to nominate geek goddess Olivia Munn for the Lovely Lady of the Day. Here is a link with a couple of pictures and a video from a photo shoot she did for MyMag magazine, which, if you buy and mail it to her, she will sign it for you. Thanks, Jimmy." There is also this link.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Olivia Munn :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

I'll start with the low. Matt Leon, of Milwaukee, says, "Hey, Jimmy, I got a huge favor to ask of you. I believe I speak on behalf of all the students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in hoping that you can just rip apart UWM, its administrators and well, pretty much everyone who decided to keep the school open today. The following is from an e-mail sent to all UWM students, and is why we're all pissed off so dang much: 'UWM administrators decided at 4:45 a.m. today to remain open because winter weather conditions were relatively mild at and in the vicinity of the UWM campus. Subsequently, UWM administrators learned through the media that Gov. Jim Doyle had ordered all state government to be closed for public business. UWM administrators immediately contacted government officials and received a waiver to remain open.' Basically, that means every other UW-system school was closed except us. Our school called the governor to ask to STAY OPEN. Seriously, Alabama gets three days off for going to the national title game, and some of us still have to get to school through almost a foot of snow. Oh, yeah, and to make the day even better, I got a parking ticket for having my vehicle parked on a street during what was a city-wide 'snow emergency.' Yep, enough snow to ticket vehicles, but not enough to close school. Stupid Milwaukee."

And now the high. Michael Poppy of Madison, Wis., says, "Hey, Jimmy, you gotta feature these videos. Madison just got dumped on with over a foot of snow and counting. Classes were canceled at the university for the first time in a while, and as a result, students were out last night wrecking havoc with snow. Here's a clip of a gigantic snowball that was left in the middle of University Ave. And here's one of people building a bunch of snowmen on a street and the plows destroying them."

The Highs And Lows Of Bad Weather

I know those of you with DirecTV will be watching Friday Night Lights this evening. You should also take some time to read this great Q&A with Zach Gilford.

Matt Saracen Speaks

I have 10 copies of Public Enemies on Blu-Ray to give away. Here's what you have to do. Check my Twitter feed at 5 p.m. ET. I will ask a trivia question. The first 10 people to e-mail me the answer at will win the movie. The key thing to remember here is that you must e-mail me the answer. Do not tweet the answer to me, because I want to give the folks who don't use Twitter a chance to win.

Movie Giveaway Of The Day

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Via The Big Lead comes the newest video of Florida Panthers radio play-by-play man Randy Moller. Moller, as loyal Hot Clicks readers know, adds some obscure pop culture reference at the end of his goal calls and the results are beyond priceless.

Sports Video Of The Day

Fisherman Bill Dance has a show on Versus. But these clips never made it to air.

Bloopers Video Of The Day

Via Warming Glow comes this clip of Jon Stewart, who discovered that Fox News has a problem when it comes to math.

Bloopers Video Of The Day