Rossi Ride Day

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As most of you now know, Donn Maeda (aka - Swap) put together a ride day for his brother Ross to raise money for Ross' rehabilitation. Ross was injured in a motocross crash on September 25, and he suffered a broken back. For now, Ross is paralyzed from the waist down, but he has hopes of making a full recovery, in spite of what doctors have said. If you haven't checked out, be sure to scope it to learn more about Ross and his efforts to walk again.

As you can imagine, the outpouring of support for Ross was spectacular! Fans, friends, peers, and anyone remotely related to the motocross industry made the trip to Perris Raceway on Sunday to show their support (a special thanks goes to Jeff Nordstrom and the Perris Raceway crew who provided the facility and donated gate fees). J-Law Racing, Brett and Sheena Metcalfe, Oakley, FMF, Pro Circuit, Volcom, and many more donated their time, money, and lots of product to help the cause.

A silent auction, a live auction featuring our own fast-talking auctioneer, vending, a jump show featuring the Metal Mulisha, Destin Cantrell and Nate Adams, a ton of riding with pros, and a capacity crowd came together to support Ross. At the end of the day, Donn told the crowd, " I just want to thank all of you for coming out. When I parked my trailer last night and it started to rain, my heart sunk. I just hoped someone would show up. I am so stoked about all the support. Thank you!" As you can imagine, Ross was overwhelmed by the turnout. However, it was no surprise to us. Ross is a phenomenal person. Anyone who has had the pleasure of interacting with him, be it because of enzo or just in passing, knows Ross is one of the most selfless, accommodating, and genuine people they will ever meet. So, although the outpouring of support was surprising and overwhelming for Ross, we knew anyone who has ever met him would jump at the chance to help.

Thank you to everyone who came out! It was a great success, and the money raised will allow Ross to continue to go to Project Walk, where they will work diligently to help Ross walk again.

Click here for more photos and a video of Rossi Ride Day.