Morning Jolt: Ochocinco considers Japanese name

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Friday, December 11

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Ochocinco considering new name

According to someone who watches his broadcasts at UStream, Chad Ochocinco plans on changing his name again. He made the announcement on Sunday morning before the game against the Lions. This time, the new name will be "Hachi Go," which is Japanese for "Eight Five." (Yahoo! Sports)Comment

Phillies shedding salary for Halladay?

The Phillies remain one of a small group of teams most likely to acquire Roy Halladay. There was also speculation among league executives that the Phils were trying to shed payroll to create room for Halladay. The Phils would involve an outfield prospect such as Michael Taylor, a major-league pitcher such as J.A. Happ, and perhaps another player. The Phils would also likely have to move pitcher Joe Blanton to create payroll space for Halladay. However, the front office has consistently rejected the notion that pitcher Cole Hamels would be involved in any trade, and there has been no indication that it has changed that stance. (Philadelphia Inquirer)Comment

McHale doesn't like LeBron's dance

May I have this dancer? That's how LeBron James and his Michael Flatley routine would have been adjudicated in the old-school NBA. "If a guy was doing the Riverdance like that, coach would come over and say, 'Who's got the fewest amount of fouls of my big fellas?' " said ex-Celtic and TNT analyst Kevin McHale. "If you raised your hand, he would say, 'We will let him drive and then we will throw him on the ground.' "When he is laying there we would say, 'Do you feel like dancing now?' "And that pretty much solved the dancing problem." (Seattle Times)Comment

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In minus-12 windchill in Cleveland, Ben Roethlisberger watched the Steelers' season go up in smoke as the defending champions fell to 6-7 after getting upset by the Browns 13-6. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

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Before Brian Kelly left Cincinnati to become Notre Dame's head coach, fans made a remix of K.W.S's old school jam "Please Don't Go" to entice Kelly to stay. It didn't work.

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SI Vault: Chicago Bears

This Day in Sports

  • 1951 - Joe DiMaggio (New York Yankees) announced his retirement from major league baseball. DiMaggio only played for the Yankees during his 13-year career.
  • 1981 - Muhammad Ali fought his last fight. He lost his 61st fight to Trevor Berbick.
  • 1985 - The single "Superbowl Shuffle" by Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew was released.