Hot Clicks: Julie Benz; top d'oh moments of the decade

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Hot Clicks is about to embark on a charitable mission for the holidays and I need your help. I know times are very tough right now, but if you're looking to give back this holiday season, I have the perfect way you can do so. Jack Barker is a 12-year-old from Coppell, Texas. Jack is battling leukemia and there is one thing that helps him get through his chemotherapy sessions -- the Snuggie. The blanket helps Jack stay warm while keeping his arms unrestricted. But Jack isn't interested in getting more Snuggies for himself. He's raising money to buy Snuggies for every cancer patient at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Check out this full story here.

Now, loyal readers know that Hot Clicks was pretty much responsible for the Snuggie explosion, so I thought this was the perfect chance for all of us to help out Jack. You can donate by visiting his Web site, Jack's Closet. Or you can send checks to Jack's Closet, PO Box 2813, Coppell, TX 75019-2813. Or, if you'd like something in return, you can bid on that Derek Jeter-signed copy of the 2009 Sportsman of the Year issue I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago. Instead of doing a giveaway, I've put it on eBay and the money raised will be sent to Jack. The auction ends next Monday. Also, if you contribute via Jack's Web site, be sure to leave a message in the comment box that you're donating after seeing the story on, and drop me an e-mail as well.

Step Up, Hot Clicks Nation

Snuggie, Derek Jeter

North Carolina fans were not happy with me calling Roy Williams a bush league bully in the A.M. Hot Clicks. Jacob Reed said, "You wouldn't know class if it smacked you in the face. Being a Yankees fan, I can only assume you're also a Duke fan. A--hole birds of a feather flock together." I'm not a Duke fan, but that's neither here nor there. Most Tar Heels fans wrote in to say the fan whom Williams had ejected was intoxicated and sitting in the N.C. fan section. However, the fan in question says both claims are false.

Roy Williams Follow-Up

Corey Brewerunleashed a monster dunk on Derek Fisher last night, but the clip is sorely in need of Marv Albert on the mic. Or some good background music, like in this video of 6-foot-4 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point sophomore Dan Tillema throwing one down on Saturday. (Thanks to John, of Harrisburg, Pa., and Justin, of Stevens Point, Wis., for the link.)

Pair Of Dunks

Dustin, of Los Angeles, says, "Jimmy, how about a little Julie Benz in honor of Dexter?" Sahib, of West Orange, N.J., says, "I was watching the season finale of Dexter last night. Great show if you haven't been watching. I don't want to give the storyline away, but I would like to nominate Julie Benz as the Lovely Lady of the Day." And Will Lynch, of Buffalo, says, "Jimmy, Dexter just wrapped up its season and you need to put the bow on things by featuring Julie Benz." OK, I'll put the bow on things.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Julie Benz :: Getty Images

Good news for the 2-22 New Jersey Nets: They aren't in last place in these "watchability" rankings, which are based on entertainment of NBA teams.

Entertainment Value

From Randy Johnson hitting that poor bird with a pitch to Bill Gramatica injuring himself while celebrating a field goal, Randall Simon's Sausages is counting down the top 10 d'oh moments of the decade.


Here are 10 terrible gifts you'll definitely get this Christmas.

Worse Than Coal

If you missed Saturday's Montana-Appalachia State game, you missed this hit. (Thanks to Darin Nelson, of Orem, Utah, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

This is what's called a mascot fail.

Mascot Video Of The Day

Mascot Tries to Dunk Off Exercise Ball - Watch more Funny Videos

This video comes from the New York City health department. It wants you to stop drinking soda, and it'll gross you out to get you to do so.

Absolutely Disgusting Video Of The Day