Hot Clicks: Alicia Keys; What people will do for a bowl game

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Two stories about how much bowl games mean to some people: First, an Alabama lawyer asked that a trial be put off so that he can go to the BCS National Championship Game. Second, check out to read about a fan who will go to 18 bowl games in 20 days. (Thanks to John Ognar of Chicago, for the link.)

They Really Want To Go Bowling

Alabama fans :: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Remember when a bat was loose during a Spurs game and Manu Ginobili caught it with his bare hands? Well, bats seem to really like sporting events because another one made an appearance during a minor league hockey game and the players swatted at it with their sticks.

PETA's Gonna Be Pissed!

If you read any stories about Tony Romo being engaged, don't believe them.

He Needs To Focus On His December Swoon

In case you haven't seen it yet, Stephen Colbert appears on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated. But that's not why he's making Hot Clicks. He's making it because he had Alicia Keys on his show last night (which is good enough), and joined her for a duet on Empire State of Mindwith some slightly altered lyrics. And this makes Keys today's Lovely Lady of the Day.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Alicia Keys :: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The appearance by WAG/Bobcats cheerleader Jordan Fish in last Friday's Hot Clicks generated lots of e-mail. Adam T., of Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., said, "Jimmy, while you've got Jordan Fish up there, it turns out her cute little sister, Lynsey, is also a Lady Cat." Another reader sent in even more pictures of Jordan. Meanwhile, Tom C., of Ramsey, Minn., has this to say about yesterday's Lovely Lady of the Day: "Jimmy, great work on the double duty Hot Clicks! I'm impressed by Hot Clicks coming through with a really great Lovely Lady of the Day on December 15 with Nicky Whelan. But you might have missed the best pictures I think she's ever done."

Lovely Lady Follow Ups

This time, it's the top villains over the past 10 years.

Another End-Of-The-Decade List

The Duke men's basketball team recently filmed themselves re-enacting great moments in cinematic history. And a Redskins fan lost a bet resulting in his friends (who are Saints fans) shooting up his 60-inch television.

Links People Keep Sending Me Even Though They've Been In Hot Clicks

Via comes a very impressive hockey goal.

Sports Video Of The Day

Jeremy, of Cleveland, sends in this video on how to handle a bully.

Bizarre Video Of The Day No. 1

Kadva, of Toronto, sends in a video that might be more disturbing than bizarre.

Bizarre Video Of The Day No. 2