Hot Clicks: Kaley Cuoco is our Christmas present; Dane Cook's spider problem

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In case you missed it, SI put together an extensive set of lists, photos and other fun stuff to celebrate the end of the decade. Here are some of the highlights:Jack McCallum looks at the NBA's 10 signature moments while Mark Monteithbreaks down the best trades, draft picks and other fun stuff.Peter King weighs in with his NFL all-decade team while Don Banks looks at the decade's top NFL moments. NHL writer Michael Farber votes for his all-decade team as well as the high and low points. For college basketball fans, Grant Wahl presents his all-decade team while Luke Winn relives the signature moments. We didn't forget about baseball -- Joe Posnanski has the decade's high and low points while Jon Heyman has a thorough look at the decade's best trades, worst free agent acquisitions and more. If that's not enough, we have a bunch of stories across all sports where we pick the biggest rivalries, best coaches, biggest flops, one-hit wonders, top sound bites and much more. You can find all of those here.

But this is Hot Clicks and you've likely come here to look at an attractive woman. To that end, I present one of my favorites -- Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory. She has nothing to do with sports, but it's Christmas and if there's one day of the year we can feature someone who has nothing to do with sports, this is it. So enjoy these shots of Kaley.

Kaley and the Decade's Best

Kaley Cuoco:: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Yesterday we showed you some of the top Christmas gifts of the 1990s. Not to be outdone, The Legend of Cecilio Guante looks at the best sports gifts of yesteryear, including my favorite beach game of all time, Kadima.

More Presents From the Past

This locker room interview with Derek Fisher appears to be like every other locker room interview you've ever seen. Except for the sudden appearance of a full moon -- courtesy of Shannon Brown -- over the interviewer's left shoulder. Between Brown and Tommy Kelly's accidental exposure, this has been a great week for the ladies.

For the Ladies

If you didn't see the gruesome injury to Texas A&M senior guard Derrick Roland, I suggest you keep it that way (but if you need to look, here it is). If you are the type of person who can watch this stuff all day, Popcrunch has collected videos of the worst football injuries including Lawrence Taylor's famous 1982 sack of Joe Theismann. As you can see above, the hit did not stop LT from making it to Canton.

Ugly Injury Watch

Lawrence Taylor:: AFP/Getty Images

To get you in the Christmas mood, here are the 15 scariest Santas of all time ... These are some awful Christmas ornaments ... Good luck to Drew Stanton as he starts his first NFL game on Sunday. Let's hope its nearly as much fun as he had in college ... LeRoy Butler had some unpleasant things to say about his former teammate, Brett Favre ... Here are 10 Festivus foods for the holiday season.

Random Links

When I'm not filling in for Jimmy, I run SI's Vault, which has every story SI has written in the magazine's 55-year history. I also have a Twitter account that you should follow because every day I post old and embarrassing photos of athletes. Among today's gems are Steve Mariucci and a very tan Tom Izzoposing at Mariucci's wedding in the early '80s, Chicago legends Jim McMahon, Mike Ditka, Michael Jordan and Hawk Harrelson at a golf outing in 1987 and Mario Lemieux at a 1990 photo shoot with the Stanley Cup and Jaromir Jagr's death-defying mullet. Check it out. If you still need your Jimmy Traina fix this week, follow him on Twitter here.

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When I heard about the Karate Kid remake starring Will Smith's son, I thought it was a terrible idea. Judging by this trailer, my opinion hasn't changed.

Bad Idea of the Day Video

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have broken up after 23 years. On the bright side, it gives me an excuse to show Andy Dufresne's daring escape from prison in The Shawshank Redemption.

Shawshank Video of the Day