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2000s: Notable Pop Culture Moments

Sehorn's proposal
<i>Monday Night Football</i> hires Dennis Miller
<i>Hard Knocks</i> debuts
Shaq guest stars on <i>Curb</i>
U2 at Super Bowl XXXVI
Joe Namath's interview with Suzy Kolber
Rush Limbaugh's comments about Donovan McNabb
<i>Fever Pitch</i> rewrite
Terrell Owens/Nicolette Sheridan skit
Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction'
Ashlee Simpson at the Orange Bowl
Brent Musburger discovers Jenn Sterger
<i>Friday Night Lights</i> debuts
Joel Zumaya's <i>Guitar Hero</i> injuries
Emmitt Smith wins <i>Dancing with the Stars</i>
Don Imus disparages Rutgers women's basketball team
Jimmy Kimmel's <i>Monday Night Football</i> ban
Mike Patrick's bizarre Britney Spears comment
Peyton Manning hosts <i>Saturday Night Live</i>
Beyonce graces cover of SI Swimsuit Issue
Amanda Beard in <i>Playboy</i>
Shaq disses Kobe in rap
Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson getaway
Mike Tyson appears in <i>The Hangover</i>
Artie Lange goes nuts on <i>Joe Buck Live</i>

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