Hot Clicks: Laura Leigh leads the top Hot Clicks of 2009

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There has been a lot of looking back over the past few weeks. The end of the decade and the end of 2009 has turned the Internet into one big list orgy. But Joe Sports Fan put a different spin on things by looking back at its top columns over the past year (many of which had been linked in Hot Clicks). This made me wonder which edition of Hot Clicks generated the most page views in 2009. After doing the research, I discovered that Laura Leigh, who appeared at the top of Hot Clicks on Jan. 29 and Jan. 30, held down the top two spots. (For those who don't remember -- and I'm sure you don't -- Leigh appeared on some ABC reality show.) Rounding out the top 10 were 3. Erin Andrews, 4. Florida cheerleader Britany Raymond, 5. Cowboys cheerleader Abigail Klein, 6. Lucy Pinder, 7. WWE Diva Maryse, 8. Adriana Lima, 9. Minka Kelly, 10. Torrie Wilson. BONUS: No. 11 was the day Chris Cooley took over Hot Clicks and featured his wife, Christy.

Top 10 In '09

Laura Leigh : Courtesy looks at the 2009 Idiot Quotes of the Year, while has the The 50 Funniest Celebrity Quotes Of The 2009.

Speaking Of 2009 Lists...

A couple of weeks ago, I appeared on the aforementioned Joe Sports Fan podcast (it's worth clicking that link just for the photo). One question they asked me was: "You win a bet with a friend in which the payoff is forcing him or her to wear the single most embarrassing real-life jersey that you can think of to the game of your choice. What jersey and what game are you going with?" I answered an O.J. Simpson jersey at any game. Well, check out this shot.

Photo Of The Day

In a perfect example of how the simplest things can make one laugh, I present to you (Thanks to Chris R., of North Attleboro, Mass., for the link.)

Web Site Of The Day

Eli Manning, Peyton Manning :: Getty Images

As you know, Colts fans were livid about their team essentially forfeiting Sunday's game against the Jets, and giving up their chance at a perfect season. This was a problem last night for GM Bill Polian, who has his own weekly radio show.

Indy's Ire

If you're at work today but not really working since it's basically a holiday week, this should help you kill the time until you go home: The 50 Most Brutal NFL Hits.

Bringing The Pain

I didn't watch the Vikings-Bears game last night, but from everything I've read this morning, it was the usual Brett Favre lovefest. However, I think I've found the only person who can rival the media's undying love of Favre.

Sports Video Of The Day

Forgot to post this yesterday. In a truly genius prank, a couple of guys decided to gift wrap every single item in their friends' apartment. For full story and details, click here.

Prank Video Of The Day

Sure, Alanis Morissette's Ironic came out in 1995, but it's still fun to spoof the lyrics and video today.

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