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Hot Clicks: Fox reporter Rebecca Grant; Kardashian talks proposal


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I don't know if Hot Clicks has picked up a lot of new readers lately or if you guys just love the Shake Weight, but every single day, I get tons of e-mails asking me to post the commercials for the product. For some reason, I've gotten an inordinate amount of requests over the past week. So even though I've linked up these commercials twice before, I'm going to do it one more time. And even though I enjoy a good faux mastubatory visual just as much as the next guy, this will be the final time the Shake Weight is mentioned in Hot Clicks. So now, for the last time, I present to you the Shake Weight for men and women.

I Beg Of You, Please Stop Sending This To Me

Shake Weight

I mentioned this morning that there were rumors Reggie Bush told Kim Kardashian he'd propose if the Saints won the Super Bowl. Kim says that is false. (Thanks to Caroline, of Providence, R.I., for the link.) Hot Clicks also told you about Jose Offerman punching an umpire. Today, he was banned from the league.

A.M. Hot Clicks Follow-Up Items

Brandon Williams, of Baltimore, said, "Couple nights ago, Barry Melrose on ESPN reported on a story regarding a player for the St. Louis Blues. Forgive me, not a hockey fan, don't know the players name. A few weeks ago, said player was named to the USA Olympic team, set to play in next months Olympic Games. Prior to making the Team USA roster, the Blues player had been in exactly one fight in his career, which has been a few years. Here's the kicker, since hearing the news that he'll skate for the good ole' USA, he has now been in three fights... all the players on Team Canada's roster! The man is single handedly taking it upon himself to dismantle the Olympic favorite before the games begin. If that's not a reason to start chanting U.S.A, then nothing is! Thought it might be something you'd like to feature. It caught my attention, and I have no idea what icing even means." The player in question is David Backes and he's gotten some attention for his actions., but he says this has been nothing but a coincidence.

American Psycho?

Mark, of Pittsburgh, e-mailed to say, "Did you see right before kickoff on Fox? Rebecca Grant! She's gotta be a Lovely Lady of the Day! She's incredible!" Matthew Moreno, of Whittier, Calif., said, "Can you do some research on Rebecca Grant? She did the Verizon footbal updates on Fox during commercials this weekend." Matt, of Richmond, Va., Jimmy! Love the page! I come to you with help. You seem to be the best about finding out these amazing hot woman in the world. Well, I offer you a challenge. Who is Rebecca Grant? She is the smoking hot babe who does the fantasy update on FOX every week. I think all we'll agree we need more of her! Thanks, and keep it up man!" I can tell you that Grant has been featured in FHM and that has many more pictures of her.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Rebecca Grant :: Courtesy FHM

Check out this video from over the weekend of Tyrus Thomas flying into Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins.

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Look Out! is looking at seven modern-day activities that could serve as medieval torture, and there is a sports item on the list that every fan can relate to.

Painful Experiences

During Saturday's Ravens-Colts game, we heard Peyton Manning yell a naughty word while getting chased. The video below highlights all the other words Manning screams out while he audibles.

Sports Video Of The Day?

Eric G., of Phoenix, sends in this clip of a guy getting a tattoo... of a pair of sunglasses... on his face... around his eyes.

Real Or Fake Video Of The Day?

Since Hot Clicks Nation wanted to know about her, I figured this would work.

Rebecca Grant Video Of The Day

Rebecca Grant FHM

Rebecca | MySpace Video