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Hot Clicks: Reggie Bush to propose to Kim Kardashian? Ump punched


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Reggie Bush reportedly told Kim Kardashian that if the Saints win the Super Bowl, he would propose to her. Thanks to Bush's performance Saturday, he's now just two wins away from being tied down by a ball and chain getting engaged to the sexy reality star.

And He Still Played A Great?

Kim Kardashian :: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Shonn Greene mockedLaDainian Tomlinson's touchdown celebration. ... Kurt Warner got LAID OUT while trying to block after an interception. ... Jim Nantz called Haiti, "Haitia," during yesterday's Jets-Chargers game. ... Did Wade Phillips feel Jerry Jones' eyes burning into the back of his head yesterday?

NFL Playoff Roundup

Grant, of Ellicott City, Md., says, "I'm a huge fan of hockey. The Caps are my team, but I will watch any game I can get my eyes on. Blackhawks-Red Wings on Sunday did not disappoint. Check out the two shootout goals by Pavel Datsyuk and Todd Bertuzzi in a losing effort." Grant is right. The goals did not disappoint. One memo, though, to whoever the produced/directed the game: The reason a goal is impressive is because the player bascially goes into slow motion (which is the case in the first goal of the clip), it would be wise to show the replay in regular speed, not slow motion.

Very Creative

Remember mediocre baseball player, Jose Offerman? You may remember that in 2007 he charged the mound with his bat and started swinging at the pitcher who hit him with a pitch. Well, over the weekend, Offerman, who now manages in the Dominican winter league, punched an umpire.

He Punches Worse Than He Hit

Jose Offerman :: YouTube

Since Hot Clicks recently has featured a couple of behind-the-backboard shots, here's a full top 10.

SI Recommends

It's Not Just A H-O-R-S-E Shot

Niraj Patel, of Chicago, says, "Hey Jimmy, I was watching highlights of the Australian Open yesterday and noticed that the woman who beat Maria Sharapova was an absolute knockout. I don't think she's ever been on Hot Clicks, so can you please add her to the mix at some point; her name is Maria Kirilenko. Thanks, and keep up the great work!" Adj, of Philly, says, "Jimmy, while flipping through the channels yesterday, I stumbled upon Maria Kirilenko, the Russian tennis player. She must be featured. Absolutely stunning, and she upset Maria Sharapova!" Luckily for you guys, Kirilenko was featured in SI's 2009 Swimsuit Issue.

Maria Takes Down Maria

And Pants on the Ground officially jumps the shark and becomes the uncoolest thing you can ever reference and/or sing.

Sports Video Of The Day

Thanks to this thing called the Internet, we can go back and listen to what Jay Leno had to say in 2004 about Conan O'Brien taking over the Tonight Show

Hypocrite Video Of The Day?

Jay's 2004 Announcement - watch more funny videos

Since she did pull of a big upset, it's only fitting we feature her again.

Maria Kirilenko Video Of The Day?

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